Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Time to Reflect

'Mercurial water' From Visual Counterpoint

The light shines down on the water,
Flooding the interface with the air,
No darkness remains on the surface,
Mercurial music change will wear,
All is reflected in a moment,
An instant in time holds the key,
As the water moves over the earth,
So shall my earthbound thoughts fly free.

'Thought is born' From Visual Counterpoint
'The orchestra tunes up' From Visual Counterpoint
The silent songs they shall construct,
Will be played by musicians bound
To echo the past for the present,
And foretell the future in sound,
Let them run through every barrier,
Sail over every sea between,
Then sing with the voice of wisdom,
That speaks of more than can be seen.
'No boundary to Life' From Visual Counterpoint
Reflection captures light’s echo,
Silence holds the lasting sound,
Thought breaks the boundary of life,
Imagination lifts the ground.
Waves carry the sight and the sound,
The water weaves colours from white,
Musicians, dancers and audience,
All mingle and merge in the light.
'Light holds Life' From Visual Counterpoint
This was to be my entry for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot for ‘playing with water’ but I am unable to access that site for some reason beyond my understanding with this computer. I use the link via Blogger’s dashboard for blogs that I follow. This is the only way I know to reach any blog that I follow and the message I get is that Internet Explorer cannot open the site.
I have accessed the site on my laptop, which does not have AOL on it, but I find it almost impossible to navigate the unfamiliar interface with the Internet and choose to avoid the stress trying to use it would cause.
If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can solve this problem I would be very grateful. The friend that built my computer has no idea why this is happening.

All in a Rose

'Only a Rose' From Visual Counterpoint

Where is innocence that once walked free?
No blushing bride waits here for betrayal,
Only a rose with a heart that holds
The memory of one that lives for all,
Where is honour that once walked tall?
No tireless truth waits here for your tears,
Only a rose with a heart that holds
The memory of love for all to see.

Where is courage that once walked alone?
No white knight waits here for your favour,
Only a rose with a heart that holds
The memory of sacrifice made for all,
Where is humility that once walked this hall?
No priceless prince waits here for power,
Only a rose with a heart that holds
The memory of the crown to the highest throne.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Search Shadow for Light

From Visual Counterpoint

Carly asked us for a photograph of clouds.

I would like to show what clouds our vision.

Not only with a photograph but with words that formed in response to the darkness and light that surrounds me.
I have therefore put my entry here instead of my other journal that I usually use.
The photograph was turned into monochrome in photoshop.

'Search light' From Colour Contrast Continuity

It only takes one cloud to cover the sun,
And eclipse the light where I stand,
It only takes one lie to hide the truth,
And deny me the justice I demand.

It only takes time for the light to dawn,
And flood the place where I stood,
It only took one to stand for the truth,
That ignorance misunderstood.

It only takes light to search for the truth,
And freely give facts to be learned,
It only takes one to uncover the future,
For which all restless souls yearned.

It only takes time for the truth to be known,
And eclipse the darkness ignorance throws,
It only took one to hold the flame,
And deny the lies sin forever shows.

I am unable to access other entries to Carly's challenge via my computer for reasons beyond my understanding. Carly knows my problems and I wish everyone who enters her challenges my best wishes and every future happiness.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Take My Breath Away

'Dawn' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Breath! Take my words and carry them,
On a fair wind that balances
All between darkness and the light,
As sunset and dawn offer change,
So I shall pass to the future,
Leaving the past for yesterday,
And tomorrow to be fought for,
Within the light sent for today.

Breath! Take my life and carry it,
On a fair air that balances
Waves of energy within space,
As silence and sound offer change,
So I shall sing to the future,
Leaving the past for yesterday,
And tomorrow to be fought for,
Within music played for today.

Breath! Take my thought before it speaks
On a storm that destroys such life
That would harm any other,
As rage is calmed when evil dies,
So I shall be at peace and live,
Leaving the past for yesterday,
And days that fight for tomorrow,
Within time in eternity.

This song was written by a mind fighting the noise that threatens my sanity.

Please see my entry on Home The Journey for any futher explanation.