Saturday, 23 October 2010

so sorry but I must delete this blog.
I tried to make another one for my words Here There and Everywhere that had no pictures to accompany them. It was hijacked by morons that seem to delight in causing pain.

I have been forced to delete my new blog.

This one will follow because of the words I was writing.

take care my friends it is a dangerous world

Friday, 22 October 2010

Second Chance

'THE WONDER OF IT ALL' From Here There and Everywhere

Sometimes we see through the eyes of a child,
The wonder of it all,
While past memories call,
My father stands so tall,
I was once a child but I was born wild.

Take a second look and see the world’s lies,
The pity of it all,
While future dreams call,
My father still stands tall,
I was once a child and he hears my cries.

Give a second look of the world around,
The ignorance of it all,
While present demands call,
My father will stand tall,
I was once a child that stood her ground.

Throw a second glance; like a lance,
The shame of it all,
While our children call,
My father always stands tall,
His gift to every child was a chance.

Catch a second chance and know,
The wonder of it all,
While many echoes may call,
The father must stand tall,
So the child may grow.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

To touch a star

I saw love today, given freely, with a look that I captured with a camera focussed on a dog that I have frequently seen accompanying his owner through the longest hours of the day. These hours surround dawn and dusk.

'I TOUCH A STAR THAT SHINES' From Here There and Everywhere


I will walk beside you with love,
I will walk in your footsteps with pride,
I will walk ahead and clear any danger
That might take me from your side.

I cannot read your writing,
I cannot understand your way,
I cannot speak your words,
I only know; here I shall stay.

With you I always feel safe,
With you I walk o’er the earth,
With you I touch a star that shines,
In my eye for everything it is worth.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Autumn's Song

'AUTUMNAL DAWN' From Here There and Everywhere

I will paint love in the colours of autumn,
So all will remember,
When warmth woke the seed,

I will paint love in the colours of autumn,
So all will remember,
When the sun gave all life’s feed.

I will paint love in the colours of autumn,
So all will conquer,
When the seed sleeps through the night.

I will paint love in the colours of autumn,
So all will remember,
When they dream tonight.


'WHAT DARE HOLD SUCH FIRE ?'From Here There and Everywhere

The wild rose answers,
So all will remember,
Love's fire,
Held in the heart of all seed.

'HIP HIP HURRAH' From Here There and Everywhere

This is autumn’s song,
So all will remember,
In both word and deed.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

'You're going the wrong way, damn it.'

'A HOG IN THE HAND' From Here There and Everywhere

Damn me, not the way; remember
The way given is for innocence to stand,
Like a virgin beach left by the sea,
It is our footprints despoil the sand.

Damn me for the hatred in my heart,
Damn me for thinking all my life,
Damn me for questioning

Damn me not the way; remember
The way is laid by time for all,
Like a ribbon of light thrown by a star,
It is our shadow that throws the pall.

Damn me for selfishness in my soul,
Damn me for thoughtlessness though my life,
Damn me for not questioning

Damn me not the way; remember
The way will be laid for many feet,
A few will make a mark so deep,
That the wages of sin cannot defeat.

Damn me for the pride in myself,
Damn me for the prejudice in my mind,
Damn me for not hearing
The question.

Damn me not the way.

The photograph is one of my five African Hedgehog babies. He has since been named Zorro because he now displays a magnificent chocolate mask.

Friday, 8 October 2010


'PANIC ATTACK' From Here There and Everywhere

I hold two fingers in my ears,
Fight my eyes production of tears,
Hooves play a drum roll on the ground,
Wheels wind their way through the sound,
The air is thick; I cannot breathe,
Raw animal emotions wildly seethe.
Noise drives a coach and four,
Through my mind’s open door.

The debris left cries with one voice,
"We were never given a choice",
The dust rises like an avenging cloud,
Creating an everlasting shroud,
Over the moment that spoke so clear,
And brought a human far too near,
Truth that lives beyond our ken,
And waits for the words ‘And then’.

Let there be light to illuminate ignorance,
Let darkness consume all human arrogance,
Let every thought born to the light,
Join in educating children for the fight,
Against prejudice and pride,
That always seeks the easy ride,
Build a society with the strength of the Earth,
Whose clay gave the crystal scaffold for life’s birth.

Please note this is added after Andy's comment was made.

Ever since I was the recipient of a telephone call from Asha Hadfield (a nurse employed by Warrington NHS) that consisted of only a siren delivered by Cheshire Police I have been unable to filter out the unnecessary sounds from background noise.
I have fought to capture and understand the necessary information among the deafening roar of sheer noise that our society creates.

I publicly name the person who caused my disability for the first time.
I have no idea why she did it or if she had friends in Cheshire Police that aided and abetted her.
I welcome the chance to meet her and Cheshire Police in court if she or they wish to take this matter further.

I would warn Asha Hadfield that I have written evidence of her lies in my medical record.

I now have panic attacks when assaulted by loud noises especially sirens.
This song is the result of many such events.

I understand that the siren down the telephone would not have usually caused this effect but I was already brain damaged by a road traffic accident and suffering from Chronic Migraine with the ‘amplifier’ in my brain turned up to maximum. This was diagnosed after my mind had been finally destroyed by the actions described above.
Yet who in their right mind would send a siren down the telephone to a person asking for help and who would aid and abet such action?

Only Asha Hadfield and Cheshire Police have the answers to those questions.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Once Upon a Time

'ONCE UPON A TIME' From Here There and Everywhere

Once I crawled under a new spring sky,
Unthinkingly reaching for my goal,
Only to learn that in finding my feet,
Stability innocence stole.

Once I lay under a summer sky,
I saw in clouds all that I knew,
Including a unicorn that proudly pranced
Through flying fish while sheep formed a queue.

Once I fell under an autumn sky,
With leaves that careered through the air,
Here I breathed life into animals I love,
My heart and soul were laid bare.

Once I stood under a winter sky,
Unable to understand words; I lied,
The child in me sought the only way out,
While the adult secretly cried.

Once upon a time I was born,
Once upon a time I could see,
Once upon a time I tried to learn,
Once upon a time I will be free.

I have tried to communicate in words and pictures but I have failed.

I am a failure.