Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Upward and Onward

'CLIMB OUT OF DARKNESS' From Visual Counterpoint

Climb out of darkness into light,
Enter there the endless fight,
Hear every song sung to the dawn,
Watch as the veil of night is torn,
Feel the earth under your hands and feet,
Crawl like a baby; your pride defeat.

'CALL ON STRENGTH' From Visual Counterpoint

Out of chaos grow tall and straight,
Call on strength and defy fate,
Let light filter life to your soul,
Holding fast to the lasting goal,
Look up with awe to the sky above,
Home to both eagle and dove.

'SILVER WINGS' From Visual Counterpoint

See your reflection in the sky,
While the water quietly passes by,
Beat the air with silver wings,
Sing a song imagination brings,
Fly high on light that raises thought,
Beyond any horizon sought.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Here, there and everywhere

'LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS' From Visual Counterpoint

Here is the moment I can grasp,
I feel its’ colour as it grows in the grass
Like a small daisy scorned, it flowers unseen,
Gives light to the darkness,
All within,
Here is the moment I can grasp.

'THE MOMENT THAT PASSED ME BY'From Visual Counterpoint

There is the moment that passed me by,
I felt its’ colour as it faded fast,
I heard the notes running down the scale,
I saw through the darkness,
A shadow,
There is the moment that passed me by.

'NOWHERE IS THE NIGHT' From Visual Counterpoint

Everywhere is a moment I can touch,
I caress colour as it creates beauty,
Nowhere is a night that can darken my day,
I see with the aid of light,
Living truth,
Everywhere is a moment I can touch.

Saturn , the bringer of old age

Some have told me that my words create a picture for them.

They are wrong; for they create the picture themselves when they connect their own emotions to the words that they read.

There are no photographs accompanying this song.
I have yet to capture anything with my camera that can come close to the picture that my mind has seen.
Therefore I leave my words to run a ring around my friends and complete the circle.
A circle that has no beginning or end.

Ring O Ring O’ Roses,
A pocketful of posies,
Hush, hush, hush, hush,
We are all tumbled down.

The sound of singing must resound,
The light reflected shine through night,
No human hand can touch this world,
That lives to show our birth unfurled,

Here fears are found running a race,
Carving a way through time and space,
The sound of singing must resound,
The night illuminated by reflected light.

Life stands on the stage and simply asks,
Who am I to question Time and his tasks?
The echo of the call creates the fall,
And winter breathes when autumn leaves.

Where is reason to defend this treason?
Gifts are laid that will be betrayed,
Echo the hand that once touched this earth,
Illuminate the night with one star’s birth.

And when light fails to show the way,
Know that you are here to stay,
Gripped by grief; life all too brief,
Death’s aim guides the end of the game.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The World

'THE UNKNOWN STAGE' From Visual Counterpoint

The curtain rises on an unknown stage,
The floorboards are alien to my feet,
I cannot see the audience; the lights dazzle me,
So I cannot feel the line,
No time leaves a worthy thought,
No thought is worthy of time,
The king is madness,
And requires a queen.

'THE MUSIC PLAYS' From Visual Counterpoint

The music plays while my thoughts unravel,
Where is the thread that holds the theme?
Running like water through my fingers,
So I cannot tie the knot,
No moment lasts,
No thought is worthy of time,
Thoughtlessness is king.
I refuse to be queen.

'THE FINISHING TOUCH' From Visual Counterpoint

Wild is the moment that wins the day,
When the theme finds the finishing touch,
A single thread ran from beginning to end,
So it will tie every knot,
Every moment lasts,
Thought is worthy of time,
The king is dead; long live the king,
I am unable to be queen.

'LONG LIVE THE KING' From Visual Counterpoint

The curtain falls courtesy of the night,
The thread passé, lost and faded,
Belongs to the memories of those that live,
So time will tie the knot,
That is owed to every moment,
In the silence that will last forever,
For there a king lives,
Dreaming of a queen.

'DREAMING OF A QUEEN' From Visual Counterpoint

The 'finishing touch' is courtesy of my granddaughter Estelle.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Stage Struck

'TIME TO SAY PLEASE' From Visual Counterpoint

The composer waits to hear his music played,
The audience wonders why they stayed,

The curtain rises to silence long lost,
The audience is now counting the cost.

'TIME TO GROW' From Visual Counterpoint

The writer walks onto centre stage,
Followed by the actors, all in a cage.


The composer shrinks as his distant tones
Echo too well the cries and groans,

That emanate from the writhing mass
That gives all to the bars in order to pass.

'TIME TO BE COUNTED' From Visual Counterpoint

The writer weaves dark words around light,
Actors generously play every role of plight,

The music rises and falls as the orchestra plays,
Notes that were only waiting to amaze.
'TIME TO REMEMBER' From Visual Counterpoint

The writer wipes his words from his mind,
As he sees them spoken in anger and kind,

'Time to love' From Visual Counterpoint

The composer hears his music played,
The audience was thankful that they stayed.
'TIME TO SAY THANK YOU' From Visual Counterpoint
This post was inspired by Transitions written by a someone who I have never met but believe is not only a great actor on the theatrical stage but a great human being on the world's stage.
Please follow the link and read his journal. You will not be disappointed for your effort.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Why Can't You See?

'FACE IT' From Visual Counterpoint

Raindrops are falling on my head,
Each drop contains life for the world,
Why can’t you see the weight on me?

I can no longer raise my face,
To the stars that gave me birth,
I cry to my mother and father,
They did not prepare me well for this earth,

Nothing could prepare me for this life,
This life of sorrow,
This life of pain,
This life of regret,
This life so short that I could never pay my due,

Raindrops are falling on my head,
Tears shed yesterday, here today,
Why can’t you see the weight on me?

I'm Half Crazy

'DAISY DAISY' From Visual Counterpoint

Open your eyes one morning and see
Brave beauty lying at your feet;
Only a daisy,
Dreaming it’s a flower,
All too soon dying under your blind feet.

Open your ears one morning and hear
A song fit to welcome the dawn,
Only a bird,
Dreaming it’s an eagle,
Before borrowed feathers fall and a blackbird’s born.

Open your mind one morning and learn,
You must first open the door,
Only a crack,
Dreaming it’s a jar,
Ready to hold every morning and so much more.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Tell Me To Believe I Will Find My Soul

'WHAT MY HEART TELLS ME IS RIGHT' From Visual Counterpoint

I do what my heart tells me is right,
It gives silent trust rather than fight,
It touches all with love yet much is lost,
When will time finally count the cost?

'WHAT MY MIND BELIEVES IS RIGHT' From Visual Counterpoint

I do what my mind believes is right,
It aims to learn every day and night,
It touched all with love yet lost my heart,
Time counted the cost and it had to depart.

'WHAT I KNOW TO BE THE TRUTH' From Visual Counterpoint

I do what my soul knows is right,
It gives me the power to win the fight,
It touches all with love yet loses nought,
Priceless it cannot be valued: only sought.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

? Major or Minor *

'IT GIVES THE EARTH FROM THE SKY' From Visual Counterpoint

Water holds the key,
It rains from the heavens,
It runs though our fingers,
It stands to give a level,
It gives the earth from the sky,
When it flows to the sea.
'IT RISES TO GIVE THE EARTH TO ME' From Visual Counterpoint

Music holds the key,
Standing proud on peaks,
And like a river that runs fast,
Flooding over rocks,
It dives into the deep,
Then rises to give the earth to me.
'IT SEEKS THE WAY' From Visual Counterpoint

A moment holds the key,
Time flows like a river,
Without banks for stability,
Seeking a way not yet found,
Finding a way not yet sought,
Then passes to run free.
'IT GIVES LIFE TO THE EARTH AND SKY' from Visual Counterpoint

Water holds the key,
It opens the closed door,
It runs through our lives,
It stands to give a level,
It gives life to the earth and sky,
Then falls: to sleep in the sea.

*It all depends on the degree and where you take an interval...

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Blackbird Song

'BLACKBIRD SONG' From Visual Counterpoint

Don’t stand in the doorway and block the view,
There are many that seek the way out,
Don’t stand in the middle of the busy road,
There are many will never hear you shout.

Bury yourself in the comfort of your home,
Wrap lies around you like a shield,
Close your eyes and ears to the world,
Nothing exists to which you must yield.

You have the will to carve a way,
Deaf and blind to others you can live,
Unless you stray into a path,
Where you need the care others can give.

So watch where you stand,
It marks your place,
Where you will be buried,
And lost without trace.

In Spades

'DIG A HOLE DEEP ENOUGH' From Visual Counterpoint

Dig a hole deep enough; you will see a star
That still shines within the darkness below,
There is the sight that once blazed a trail,
There is the light that once could not fail,
There is the fight that once fought to derail
All that creates conflict and simply show,
In darkness the devil’s dream is never far.

Dig a hole deep enough; you will see a grave
That creates the space to save all free souls,
There is the moment that holds a beating heart,
There is the touch of hands that cannot part,
There is the sound of the gun for the start,
All that creates conflict takes independent roles,
In darkness light’s dream is for the brave.

Dig a hole deep enough; you will see a hole,
That engulfs all space and cancels time’s beat,
There the music plays silently from the heart,
There are the hands that will never part,
There is the seed for a brave new start,
All that creates conflict wisdom will defeat,
In darkness infinity takes the eternal role.

The dandelion has a taproot that not only reaches far into the earth but also will regenerate the whole plant if any part of it remains.
Some see it only as a weed.
I see it as nature showing us the way that the earth cares for all.

Election Fever

'COLOUR ME OUT' From Visual Counterpoint

Don’t believe a word that is said,
Unless it is written in the blood of the dead,
Turn over the page that seeks to blind
With living lies the moribund mind.

Where do I put my indelible mark?
When will the truth rise like the lark?
How do I touch the moment and see,
The wisdom that lives for the free.

No politician ever speaks from the heart,
Born on the dawn when night does not depart,
They live by a light only they can shed,
Don’t believe a word they ever said.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Days of Man

'GRASS ROOTS' From Visual Counterpoint

'The days of man are but as grass: ...'*

Tread softly on the grass that grows under your feet,
Feel the blades slip between your open toes,
Let the dew wash away all lingering fears,
Trace the path through the meadow that compassion shows.

Look once and once again on where you have trod,
Learn from past errors then lift your eyes,
Far beyond the earth that holds your roots firm,
Into the unknown and the wide blue skies.

'For look how high the heaven is in comparison of the earth'*

'Look how wide also the east is from the west'*

'LOOK ONCE AND ONCE AGAIN' From Visual Counterpoint
'...for he flourisheth as a flower of a field.
For as soon as the wind goeth over it, it is gone: and the place therof shall know it no more.' *

*Psalm 103, v. 11

Best wishes to everyone for a happy holiday.