Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Upward and Onward

'CLIMB OUT OF DARKNESS' From Visual Counterpoint

Climb out of darkness into light,
Enter there the endless fight,
Hear every song sung to the dawn,
Watch as the veil of night is torn,
Feel the earth under your hands and feet,
Crawl like a baby; your pride defeat.

'CALL ON STRENGTH' From Visual Counterpoint

Out of chaos grow tall and straight,
Call on strength and defy fate,
Let light filter life to your soul,
Holding fast to the lasting goal,
Look up with awe to the sky above,
Home to both eagle and dove.

'SILVER WINGS' From Visual Counterpoint

See your reflection in the sky,
While the water quietly passes by,
Beat the air with silver wings,
Sing a song imagination brings,
Fly high on light that raises thought,
Beyond any horizon sought.

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