Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Nine Eleven

I have been absent from Blogger for some considerable time owing to ill health although I have been trying to improve my writing in the interim.

This date is such an important one for many people that I consider my friends across the pond I have tried to write a song for them. I write in quintuplet form now on photographs I have taken that give the visual counterpoint.

The blogger scene has changed so much I am unsure how successful I will be, as I have difficulty navigating 'the net' and more often than not trip up and fall flat on my face but I am determined to try.

The song is titled  '9.11. With love for everything free' and I wish all the friends that have supported me in the past on both sides of the pond my best wishes for the future.

Please note my website has been deleted because I was unable to keep it up. The domain name will cease in a few days.
I am unsure how to change the sidebar information also of moderating comments; I noticed there was one when I finally found my blog! I have absolutely no idea how to find the blogs I was following.
I will try to get these things sorted out but just posting this has exhausted me for the moment.