Wednesday, 31 August 2011

If I Forget

'IF I FORGET' From Visual Counterpoint

If I were to forget you
Let the rivers run dry,
If I were to forget your love
Let the stars fall from the sky,
And let me become deaf and dumb
If I forget you before I die.

' I AM IN CHARGE' From Visual Counterpoint

'I CAN DO LINE-DANCING TOO' From Visual Counterpoint

'DID I MAKE A DIFFERENCE?'From Visual Counterpoint
Mais oui, merci mon ami.

This song is dedicated to Chris. He stayed at his post as long as he could.
I have a new bundle of trouble from the Cheshire Dog’s Home. She has already fallen in the canal and I wish I still had my old boy to teach her some manners.


Greg Kiser of 446 photography has decided to take a different path and his website will soon be cancelled. I advise anyone who likes great photographs to use the link on the right to his site while it is available. I wish him success and happiness on his journey.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Serenade

'ON THE WINGS OF A SONG' From Visual Counterpoint

Heard by poets and lovers,
Our companion sings a long farewell,
The oceans reach out to the music,
Tears of sorrow crest the swell.

Holding a timeless secret,
Far from the footprints left in dust,
Her light separates need from greed,
And serenades love not lust.

Her song will slowly fade away,
Like a shadow slips into the night,
But for now it flies with the eagle,
And dares us to do what is right.

The picture is two photographs merged in photoshop layers.
I believe the 'eagle' is a Peregrine falcon that I managed to photograph flying over Pale Heights.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Pale Heights

'HIGH AND MIGHTY'From Visual Counterpoint

Pale heights stand proud,
Over the Cheshire plain,
And tall trees are slain
At its feet from a silent crowd,
The wind through the masts,
Dimly echoes the cries,
From the hunter of the skies,
And the wild call lasts.

'CALL OF THE WILD'From Visual Counterpoint

Pale heights is the highest point in Cheshire, England and at its' feet Delamere forest lies.
The second photograph is two merged in photoshop layers, both were taken on the heights.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Daydream Maker

'FOLLOW ME' From Visual Counterpoint

The daydream maker is busy all night,
Making up everything perfectly right,
A silken canopy grows from old rags,
Stardust is placed in seven sand bags.
The daydream maker works through the night,
Dawn is booked for the maiden flight.

The daydream maker toils in the dark,
Making up everything to hit the mark,
A feather-light basket is woven from clouds,
Thought simply concealed in their soft shrouds,
The daydream maker labours with love,
A free hand covered by a velvet glove.

Scarcely before the day is begun,
The dream maker falls asleep in the sun,
Imagination now free runs wild,
And powered by the breath from a child
The daydream maker’s gift slowly rises,
Dressed in a myriad of disguises.