Thursday, 30 July 2009

Long After

This song was inspired by a photograph taken by a much better photographer than I will ever be.
Please follow this link to view his work that is surely an inspiration to all and see the photograph 'Withering Roots' in the landscape room for the picture that held these words for me.

Long after the tree is felled the roots remain,
Like an anchor that still lies on the seabed,
Long after the ship slipped the chain
That held her in time and instead
Sailed away, to an unknown shore,
That holds a haven for the souls that bled
For life, while never asking more,
Than what that love could restore.

The sky holds a warning of the storm to come,
Far worse than any that felled the tree,
Or carried away the souls struck dumb
By violence, while fighting to be free,
Between the past and future the present stands,
And holds a haven for you and me,
For life, while it understands,
That variety makes our different lands.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Reach for the Sky

'Air, Fire and Water' From Visual Counterpoint

Touch the morning with wonder in your heart,
Reach for the light to show you the way,
Seek knowledge that teaches wisdom to play your part,
Live for every second of every given day,
Speak with the silence that holds all sound,
And leave every lie in the dirt where it lay,
Touch the night as it covers the ground,
With every breath the sky ever found.

The air holds every song ever to be sung,
A moment holds every feeling ever to be felt,
The sky with every wonder is eternally hung,
And the Earth accepts every blow it is dealt,
No touch can change the past that must stay
Frozen in the grave of time no sun can melt,
Or bring to life what we wanted to say,
And re-enact on the stage of another day.

The fire burns within every human heart,
Asking to be fed with faith and hope,
Waiting to be hit by Cupid’s dart,
And standing firm on the slippery slope,
Bleeding for life while marking time’s beat,
It holds the power that enables all to cope,
With every success always incomplete,
And even the most humiliating defeat.

The water flows in time’s river and sings,
Of oceans holding memories of old,
And every blessing the future brings,
To the darkness held in hearts so cold,
That no voice ever spoke the words they said,
Until one who walked this earth so bold,
And told the dead to rise and carry their bed,
Then with five fishes and loaves his followers fed.

This post is linked to an entry on Home The Journey, as it uses the same photograph.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Death Asks the Last Question

'The past holds the Present for the Future' From Visual Counterpoint

If only I could sing so the sound held my words,
If only I could dance so the rhythm held my heart,
If only I could answer the question with the truth,
I would live forever within the instant I depart.

'Time dances to silent music' From Visual Counterpoint

Time holds every possibility that cries to be,
Time dances to music heard by too few,
Time answers all questions with the only truth,
That all life should respect the old and the new.

'Weave patience into the web' From Visual Counterpoint

Ask and the answer shall fill the air,
Ask to dance to this music so fair,
Ask and the truth must every moment declare,
That life shall live beyond death’s despair.


I cannot speak in any other words of the turmoil that I live in.

I do not expect anyone to understand what I am trying to say.

I only wish that somehow my words might speak for you and help you overcome any difficulty you face.

Drawn by Light

'Drawn by Light' mono From Colour Contrast Continuity

Held by energy within the dark,
Requiring light to be seen,
The past and present must mark
Time, as the future will surely wean
The rings from the bark and build,
A home living beyond this scene,
To a dream imagination filled,
And every hope that destiny willed.

'Drawn by Light' From Colour Contrast Continuity
Light holds colour within the dark,
But like a song requires an air,
To give a reason to rise, as the lark,
And with a new dawn calls those that dare
Reach into the unknown and try to learn,
Wisdom always holds knowledge with care,
In a heart that will forever burn,
With every hope these times yearn.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

To Apollo the God of Music, Inspiration, Prophecy, Medicine and Pastoral Life

The Apollo American space programme for landing men on the moon was proposed by President J.F. Kennedy in 1961.
On July 20th 1969 the first landing took place on the Apollo 11 mission and a further five landings were accomplished to December 11th 1972.
But perhaps NASA’s ‘greatest hour’ was the recovery of the Apollo 13 crew that lost their dream to walk on the moon but drove home the truth that nothing will ever conquer the spirit that lives to learn more.
'Northern Light' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Weave from one moment with the thread of time,
A dream to clothe the future with gold,
Leave every moment with a lasting rhyme,
To echo the past in words etched so bold,
Listen to life and hear the silent call
Of truth, as down the river it is sold,
Stand firm for belief in the greatest leap,
Remember nothing of worth ever comes cheap.

I do not have a photograph of the moon that would do justice to this theme.
So I give you a photograph of the sun that will, given the opportunity, drive the moon from the sky and blind us to the existence of the darkness of space.
In the country of the blind the one eyed man is king.
Look through the eye of a telescope and reach beyond the horizon.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Cry My Beloved Country

'Cry Out Loud' From Let the end try the man
No sign has been written to show the way,
A blank canvass is held by time high,
No words can tell the right path to take,
No memory gives the reason why,

This transient life is fragile and fails
To capture the essence that calls
From beyond the horizon to few that hear
The event before the present falls.

No sign has been written that shows my way,
I paint a blank canvass with white,
To hold words that simple thought can create,
And show this holds all secrets in light.

This moment in time will pass like the rest,
While justice is blinded by lies,
No words can relate the pain I feel,
When I hear the future’s childish cries.

No Rhyme for Revenge

Reason reaches beyond the silence it holds
'Wham Bam' From Let the end try the man
Silence the rage that rises so bold,
Smother the breath that whispers revenge,
Wipe out the memory that holds the pain
Wait for time to erase every stain,
Silence the rage that rises so cold,
Smother the breath that this story told.

Reason remains where rhyme has no place,
Remember the breath that whispers of silence,
Hold every memory that echoes the love
Waiting through time to fall from above,
Reason demands a place in this race,
And defies all to meet it face to face.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Balance Sheet

'Held in a glance' From Let the end try the man

What did I lose when my world was destroyed?
I see my reflection in the eyes of one
Whose trust was betrayed by ignorance,
I hear the memory that plays for the dance,
Waves of despair hold everything not done,
And thrown without care into endless void.

'Still looking and listening' From Let the end try the man

What did I lose when my world disappeared?
More than the dog that now stands by me,
Still willing to give his trust again,
A simple soul rises above past pain,
If only I could have a love so free,
It must conquer all memories feared.

What did I gain when my world had to die?
Misery and regret for being so weak
That I failed to fight for a future that stands,
Within no boundary made between different lands,
And now I am left only to seek,
The unspoken truth behind every lie.

'Standing Firm' From Let the end try the man

What did I gain when my world reached the end?
Knowledge that evil rules without care,
And a sad reflection of every attempt I made,
To try to reach the potential that was laid,
Within boundless chance for any that dare,
With the courage only true love can lend.


The photographs are of ‘Chrissie’ a dog I was lucky to obtain from the local rescue that assessed him as 13 yrs of age over 5 1/2 years ago.
His previous life put years on him that he had no intention of living up to given the chance of a new beginning.
He stood wearily at the back of his kennel while all the others barked incessantly for attention but his eyes held more than any noise could make and drew me to recognise the spirit that lives within silence when everything else has failed to gain the love required for life.
I am lucky to share my life with such a simple soul.
The last photograph, taken this summer, shows him standing between my granddaughter and any danger the canal might have for her on their first meeting.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Honey Suckle

Carly is asking us for 'Something seen in summer' for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot.

For extra credit she asks for words to describe the picture and this is why my entry is here because that is what Visual Counterpoint is.
Photographs accompanied by words.

This is my entry.
To join in and view other entries please follow this LINK

'Honey Suckle' From Let the end try the man

Seen in summer a silent scene,
Holds goodness for one,
That gathers the present for the future,
And carries today to tomorrow,
While the past remains a sweet memory,
So time is held in every moment.

Nectar offered on a summer day,
Holds goodness for all,
To be gathered by far too few,
And carries strength from the sun today,
While the future must wait for tomorrow,
So time passes through every moment.

Seen in summer a lasting tryst,
Holding goodness for all time,
Long days gather warmth from the sun,
And carry it on waves to waken the dead,
While nature transforms the light into gold,
So time echoes in every moment.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

No Time like the Present for the Release from Time

'Unwanted Fruit' From Let the end try the man
Day by day the chances grow fewer,
Hour by hour the present parades,
Second by second I touch every moment
And silently scream
For release from time.

I will kill a life holding this pain,
I will kill the lies that destroy,
I will kill unbearable torture,
And silently pray
For release from time.

Night by night the chances grow more,
Hour by hour the darkness pervades,
Second by second I see every moment
And silently sing
For release from time.

Monday, 13 July 2009

This is My Epitaph

'Grasp that Chance' From Colour Contrast Continuity
Silence holds every word ever said,
I will hear them all when I’m dead,
So leave me alone to hold my hands to my ears,
While I live with every one of my fears.

The noise that threatens my sanity,
Invades my mind with profanity,
So leave me alone to hide my thoughts from sound,
That would destroy any peace ever found.

Leave every word I have found to speak,
Of the destruction ignorance will always wreak,
On the innocent that cannot lie to save
The knowledge that only the truth ever gave.

Live and let knowledge open the mind,
Feel and let wisdom a warm heart find,
Pass though time with a single glance,
And grasp that illusive once only chance.

No Barrier to Life Lives

'Ride with the Light' From Colour Contrast Continuity
Death is an end to life, as we know it,
To die for any country is obscene,
To die for freedom from barriers and borders,
Marks one way that the end can be seen,
To hypocrisy that shadows lies we tell,
And colours the pictures that are sold,
Painted by error they stand for the past,
Then shake the foundations built on gold.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Future Requires Time

'The fallen give light for the future' From Colour Contrast Continuity
The water is still where the fallen lie,
Like a barrier to the flow of time,
The silence holds every sound they make,
That any should have died for our sake
Remains a permanent crime,
To be carried by the wind’s softest sigh.

Youth strives to seek a way to reach
The goals that would seem so good,
The future holds every sound they make,
That any should die for mankind’s sake,
Echoes the tree that once stood,
On this world with wisdom to teach.

The future requires time to live,
Dreams of the night need light to grow,
Every dawn holds the magic to make,
A new life for goodness’ sake,
And take time to always show,
The selfless love that life can give.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Time For Love

'As One' From Colour Contrast Continuity
No two show more grace,
No two are more faithful,
Silent witnesses to a love that lasts a lifetime,
They pass while time stands still.

One picture holds more,
One picture holds everything,
Silent witness for a love that lasts a lifetime,
To stand still while time passes.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Remember me as I will be

'Remember Me' From Colour Contrast Continuity
The music plays beyond death’s touch,
No grim reaper can kill the chord,
That sounds within the silence,
No memory can ever record.

The pattern plays beyond death’s touch,
No grim reaper sees the morrow,
That creeps behind the darkest night,
No darkness sees the light follow.

The silence lives beyond death’s touch,
No grim reaper destroys the light,
That lives far beyond the mind’s eye,
No darkness can destroy true sight.

The end lives far beyond death’s touch,
No grim reaper harvests a gift,
That passed freely from one to all,
No shadow shall show any rift.
'I will be what I will be' From Colour Contrast Continuity