Monday, 13 July 2009

This is My Epitaph

'Grasp that Chance' From Colour Contrast Continuity
Silence holds every word ever said,
I will hear them all when I’m dead,
So leave me alone to hold my hands to my ears,
While I live with every one of my fears.

The noise that threatens my sanity,
Invades my mind with profanity,
So leave me alone to hide my thoughts from sound,
That would destroy any peace ever found.

Leave every word I have found to speak,
Of the destruction ignorance will always wreak,
On the innocent that cannot lie to save
The knowledge that only the truth ever gave.

Live and let knowledge open the mind,
Feel and let wisdom a warm heart find,
Pass though time with a single glance,
And grasp that illusive once only chance.

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