Sunday, 29 August 2010

The female spider can eat her mate

I am now receiving emails from Webs announcing new guest book entries from a guest book that I deleted because it was being abused.
Needless to say the entry was moronic.

I am telling everyone this because Webs has perviously forced me to delete my Macro Room because they were unable to remove the name of a Hacker James A Brown Jr c/o as the author of my photographs.
Taher (Webs spokesperson, I have had fun with that name as an anagram! ) said it was impossible to alter the author of an album. It seems that James A Brown knows a lot more about the workings of Webs than the oficial employees.

I now am receiving mail from WEBS regarding a deleted guest book. Deleted because they could not stop the abuse I was receiving. I should have taken the warning and realised they are incapable of stopping the abuse.

I shall be deleting my whole website despite the fact that I have paid up until April 2011 for their 'supreme service' if Taher does not settle this to my complete satisfaction.

Why should I throw away all that money?
I believe that the stress associated with a website mal-administered by WEBS is fast becoming far more expensive.

I will wait 48hrs more (i have waited that already) for a response from Webs.
I will then delete my site and not renew my domain name (pd up until sept 2011)

When I delete those photographs I will be deleting the part of my life that I lived to the fullest.

This journal will probbably not survive the tsunami.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Please note that I have had to remove the Macro Room from my website because James A Brown Jr. (please email at Took it into his (vacant?) head to upload his own photographs to my site that I pay for (I am in discussions with Webs on this point) then ascribe his dubious name to my Macro Room.
I deleted his photographs without looking at them. I had no intention of seeing his ability as far as the camera is concerned.
Webs have told me that the name cannot be deleted from the album so I have deleted the album.
I will think again when the renewal of my site payment comes up.
‘Webs’ doesn’t hold my confidence at the moment.

I now deal with the pathetic mail from James A Brown Jr.

The last title is well earned believe me.

Monday, 23 August 2010

A Rhapsody

The night drew close and the stars screamed for space,
The moon flatly refused to enter the race,
She calmly collected the songs to her love,
Then wrapped them in raptures for the heavens above,
The music was composed by a gypsy’s heart,
For only the homeless could play the part.

The songs were lost to the darkness of space,
The grieving moon turned away her face,
Singing, 'Age will tell so they say,
Why can’t you listen to yesterday today?
Why does it take all that I have to give?
When will you ever learn how to live?'

The gypsy wept for the waning moon,
His violin echoed sounds played too soon,
Nowhere was light to reflect her face,
Nowhere was light to equal her grace,
The wild sounds climbed every musical scale,
And tore asunder a well-worn veil.

Simplicity wins what complexity loses,
The answer will be whatever life chooses.
But throughout our entire worldly domains,
Despite all efforts the question remains,
Why does the gypsy play with strings?
Only gravity knows what that song brings.

The deepest space between the lines,
Lost the way that space-time defines,
Without gravity the song must fly fast and far,
With guidance from only a blue wandering star*,
This picture is mounted by the unknown,
Beyond which the frame for life is shown.

*HE 0437-5439 is one of the fastest stars ever detected fleeing our galaxy at 2.5 million kilometers per hour. Since no star travels that quickly under normal circumstances astronomers believe something 'exotic' must have occurred. The star has been traced back to where it has come from using Hubble by measuring the stars direction of motion in the sky. They point directly to the centre of the Milky Way.
There it had a encounter of the third kind with the massive black hole at the centre of our galaxy.
Once part of a triple system one star was swallowed by the black hole while the other two gained momentum and merged to form a blue star that fled through the galaxy's halo.
Such stars are called blue wanderers or stragglers.

Astronomers hope that despite its enormous speed it may help us to probe for clumps of dark matter in the galaxy's halo whose gravity is affecting the star's motion.

The Arrowhead- a pointed tip

'THE LIGHT OF CREATION' From Let the end try the man

'THE DAWN OF TIME' From Let the end try the man

Bathed in the light of creation,
We stand at the dawn of Time,
Many will follow gaining knowledge,
Few will wear wisdom’s crown.

The spirit of man belongs to the universe,
Born of starlight he must return
That life he was freely given in death,
Curious courage pays the debt.

The arrow will fly straight and true,
While gravity waltzes with light,
We strive to rise above our lowly birth,
Space, on the sidelines, waits.

The arrow will fly alongside us,
Straight and true it stands for every moment,
Yet passes all that we hold dear,
On the journey to encompass truth,

'PASSING ALL WE HOLD DEAR' From Let the end try the man

The arrow will fly without guidance,
Light is dimmed and the simple dance ceases,
The floor is taken by dark energy,
Wisdom enters the stage.

The arrow will fly toward death,
Piercing the heart of the universe,
No music is written for the silenced beat,
Composers always echo life.

The free spirit that led us so far,
Will stand at the end of Time,
With more than the power given to Gods,
And wear eternity’s crown.

Wherever we may find ourselves,
We must have evolved by natural selection
In order to survive the universe’s changes,
And successfully reach the last resting place.

We will see with different eyes
The darkness that always surrounds us,
We will hear silence and envy those
That knew the universe when it was young

'WHEN THE UNIVERSE WAS YOUNG' From Let the end try the man

Drugs Abuse the Innocent

I am a child

I am burning; I am fire,
I am hatred; I am desire,
I am alive; I am dead,
I am nothing; I am all instead.

I am silence; I am noise,
I am playing; but not with toys,

I am a child that wished to learn,
Now I want to die in the fires that burn,

Take a moment to see the child you love here,
Take a moment to hear a cry torn from fear,
Take a moment from your busy life to catch love’s ghost,
Then you take more than a moment from regret’s loud boast.

Or walk away, leaving nought,
Because you never encompassed thought,

Don’t ask me for the answers to your life,
Don’t ask me to solve your strife,

I am only a child.

Candid Camera

Sometimes I will ask you to provide the pictures.
If I do not inspire you to do so with my words then I have failed not you.

Dear Andy,
I have reconsidered everything except my love that will remain for you and all like you.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Forgive Me

I apologise to all followers for my weakness that finds me incapable of carrying on.

Please know that I send my best wishes to you and yours although I am now unable to write anything that connects my imagination to yours do not stop seeing everything the moment holds and remembering your dreams.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


This journal is closed until further notice.

I have had more than enough of this life.

If I find anything that even tempts me to rise from the grave I will try to photograph it and write about it.

Until then I leave you with my


Where is the comfort your voice once held?
Where is the guidance your hand once gave?
Where is the mark your feet once made?
Lost in the deepest grave.

Your quiet voice holds everything but lies,
Your open hand guides everything but greed,
Your feet carried me in my naivety
Here, where my heart is left to bleed.

You don’t exist in this tortured world,
Nothing you are is worth anything here,
So don’t try your promises on me again,
I am dead, as you are my dear.

'LOVE' From Visual Counterpoint

Sunday, 8 August 2010

On the Edge

'ON THE EDGE' From Visual Counterpoint

Where is the one I counted first as a child?
Before playing enumerable scales that followed,
I failed but that’s my personal crime,
Education every chance creates,
On the edge of knowledge wisdom awaits.

Where is the one I first knew as an unborn?
Positive and negative fought for a life,
Zero could never be moved by time,
I was born on the edge of a very dark hole,
The negative holds chance as the dices’ role.

Where is the one I found as a child?
It was so easy to find and easier to lose,
Clinging to memory; echoing through time,
I live on the edge of a very dark hole,
The positive holds hope as the dices roll.

Where is the one I counted first and lost?
Retreating from my ignorance and fear,
That spoke in words no lover should hear,
I live on the edge of a very dark hole,
Where is the one whose heart I stole?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Water Music

WATER MUSIC' From Visual Counterpoint

Water is part of the sky as it creates the sea,
It always remembers the air that set it free,
It holds memories of the dance it led over land,
It is life itself given by an open hand.

A closed fist holds nothing except blind rage,
We raise it like animals caught in a cage,
Threatening our neighbours on this world,
Anthems sounding, national flags unfurled.

Only one small cloud can cover the sun,
Only one bullet is required for the gun
To simply kill or merely maim,
The result of treating life like a game.

Mountains create a bridge between earth and sky,
Here both feel the touch when clouds pass by,
Water is the key that unlocks the chest,
The treasure is found in the hearts of the best.

Water surrounds every continent on earth,
Where now man’s greed betrays his birth,
Why did whale and dolphin return to the sea?
They hear music in water better than you or me.