Thursday, 29 October 2009

Still water runs deep

'STILL WATER RUNS DEEP' From Words from Thought

I sit beside the still water and think,
How long will it be before the noise is ignored
By my mind that has been brought too close to the brink,
And now has the pedal for amplitude floored.
I try to sail silently through the pain,
But have yet to find where my boat could be moored.
In a haven of safety peace I regain,
It lies between the lines of this refrain.

Held within the arms of an island’s charm,
And protecting all from the storm with calm,
Many have sought safety here,
None have been left alone in their fear,
All are welcomed by a generous heart,
Valued by some so much they never depart,
Or they carry the memory so close through their life,
Every moment holds a remedy against strife.

'A SAFE HARBOUR' Stromness also known as Hamnavoe, Orkney From Words from Thought


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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Greetings to a Season

'A WELCOME TO WINTER' From Words from Thought

‘I welcome winter’, the words form in the air,
Then under the rays of a distant sun dance,
As if they only live to silently dare
An invisible partner to play music to enhance,
The thoughts that gave them birth,
And now seek another to entrance,
With fireside friendship and festive mirth,
That cold season’s true worth.

Like a cloud passing over the ground,
The words flee from warmth to finally find,
A place to sleep safe within the sound,
That a hidden orchestra divined,
No frozen world can ever forget,
The memories that forever bind,
The past to the present with no regret,
And hold for the future the payment of debt.

Storms will rage and rivers will swell,
Winter will take the life from the weak,
There is no place where we can dwell,
Without the strength of the sun we seek,
Unless we hold deep within our thought,
That if we become one with the meek,
In a living cycle we will be caught,
And find everything we ever sought.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Over the Horizon

Ellipsis Monday Photo shoot
Carly has simply asked for black and white photographs.
I simply reply with a picture and words also in black and white.

Please follow the link to join in and view other entries.

I have enhanced and desaturated the original photograph in Photoshop.

'OVER THE HORIZON' From Visual Counterpoint

Some look and hear beyond the horizon with thought,
And leap over everything that boundary caught,
In pictures, words and music they portray what they’ve seen,
Leaving us to learn how blind and deaf we have been,
Somewhere in the shadows I shall surely find,
The key to unlock the closed door of my mind,
There is no song that’s not been sung in the past,
There is no music playing now that cannot last.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Maybe We Could Share

'MAYBE WE COULD SHARE' From Words from Thought

The food is good and plenty for two,
I feel like celebrating, how about you?
Don’t scream that all this you only own,
Unless you want to be left totally alone,
Don’t learn from a starling how not to share,
Unless you are willing to accept Nature’s care,
She will fight for you according to her law,
That speaks with justice red in tooth and claw.

There’s no pity here for the lost and weak,
Survival only the strongest will seek,
If we are only animals living in the wild,
Why should we care for another’s child?
For some animal instinct still rules supreme,
They attempt to rise over the milk like cream,
Without wisdom to use knowledge they will certainly fall,
And in the silence finally hear nature’s wild call.

Few see and hear beyond the horizon with thought,
And leap over everything that boundary caught,
In pictures, words and music they portray the scene,
Leaving us to learn how blind and deaf we have been,
Somewhere in the shadows one day I shall find,
The key that unlocks the door to my mind,
So I look and listen and maybe we could share
The search, that seeks to learn the essence of care.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dance..slow, slow, quick, quick, slow...

'THE FALLEN OPEN THE CANOPY' From Words from Thought

‘Walk don’t run’ is the echo I hear from the past,
My father forever caring for the daughter he loves,
But I ran as fast as I could and fell
Many times.

I have picked myself up from the dirt many times,
I have lost count; numbers always hold chaos for me,
Time runs faster than I ever could,
So I fall.

The dirt does not hold a resting place for me,
So I rise again to grow as long as I live,
Learning to walk and hear the songs,
I shall sing.

I hear my father’s voice clear above the noise,
Such a signpost he holds above my head,
How could I ever fear becoming lost
Within failure.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A Scottish Fantasy

'A SCOTTISH FANTASY' From Let the end try the man

Leave me for I shall never be alone,
Although you may think my heart is stone,
It beats to a time, by which the river flows,
Holding past, present, and future no one knows,
From the mountain to the sea the words must fall,
Carrying the thoughts of one who would call
Silence, to listen for the music that plays
Tunes to carry light for many different ways.

I had to run though a desert and this river ran dry,
I cried as loud as I could so my tears might try
To bring water to a wasteland that crumbled at my feet,
And bring honour to those that only knew defeat,
From the mountain to the sea the water flows,
Holding the secret only the full moon knows,
Silence! Listen to the music that the stars simply play,
For that’s the only way you’ll hear what I say.

From the land of the mountain and the flood I belong,
And so do the unworthy words of this song,
Lost in a desert that would desiccate true care,
I stand and defy ignorance and now declare,
‘This is my life and you are only a guest’,
The land that I love holds more than the rest
In the silence that speaks from icy heights,
And the darkness of long cold winter nights.

She catches the rain that falls on her peaks,
And smiles with a face that wisdom seeks,
Strength is written within granite below,
The sky marries the word with virgin snow,
From which the trees grow straight and tall,
Evergreen life answering the eternal call
To wait for the sun, that will shine through the night,
And give the reward for such a lonely fight.

This song is for Connie who has been a stalwart friend from across the pond. This is the post you urged me to write even though you had no idea of what I might say.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

How Long is a Piece of String?

'A FULL CIRCLE' From Words from Thought

How long does a sigh last?
As long as time takes to gather the wind
To scatter the thoughts and find
There is no life held in the past.

How long does a dream last?
As long as it takes the dawn to break,
To scatter fantasy for reality’s sake,
There is no shadow life has not cast.

How long does a song last?
As long as time plays music for the words,
Freely given to the dawn for the birds,
There is no shadow here from the past.

How long does a life last?
As long as the spirit journeys toward light,
Carrying the soul through the darkest night,
A circle holds the beginning and end eternity cast.

I wish I had the right words to convey my support to you at this time.
This song is for you.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Lost for Words

I would like all followers of this journal to go to Home~the Journey.
If you can help a fellow traveller please do so.

Monday, 5 October 2009

From Under the Bridge

From Home~the Journey

The morning mist rises from the water,
As if it carries the breath held during the night
By a face that looked up to the stars
And was silvered by moonlight.
Thoughts born from darkness,
Must pass through the dawn,
Leaving many dreams,
Forever lost and forlorn.

Lost within the mind that rose with the sun,
As if it never carried them through the night,
Or called to the stars to sing a lullaby,
And were killed the moment they won the fight,
Forlorn, abandoned in a pitiful state,
Crying in the darkness where they are left,
They take the life that denied them their voice
And leave grief forever bereft.

Imagination is the sail that holds the dream,
As if it is hoist to catch the wind of chance,
And drive the mind over the water,
Carrying thought a moment in time will enhance,
Crying the truth that is held in peace,
And live for the future to always speak,
From the past and present to all,
For the suffering of the weak.

I dedicate this song to the two teenage girls that held hands before they jumped to their death from a bridge near Glasgow after they were sent to a residential school.
So many dreams of our children are destroyed by this modern world.
How can we be proud of our achievements when our failure is to care for our children?

Please see Home ~ the Journey and A Bridge Too Far for my other thoughts on this tragedy.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Cry my beloved Country

'The fallen open the canopy to light' From Visual Counterpoint

When the cries of pain echo
In the darkness of night,
Call to the wind for silence
While the moon holds the light,

When the cries of pain shriek
In the face of ignorant pride,
Call to wisdom for silence
While the wind passes aside.

When the cries of pain cease
In the passage of all things,
Call Time to hold the music,
While the word gladly sings.

Friday, 2 October 2009

On the Wild Side

'I capture light so the darkness will hold haven' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Unwanted and unloved by modern society,
The wild flower blooms,
Unseen and unappreciated by modern society,
The wild flower calls
To those that want, love, see and appreciate
The haven held,

Walk on the wild side and know a free society,
Where the wild flower blooms,
Seen and appreciated by many wanderers,
The wild flower calls
To those that need strength from the love,
The haven holds.

Unknown and untouched by modern society,
The wild flower blooms,
Seen yet not seen by modern society,
The wild flower calls
To those that carry the burden of light,
The haven will hold.