Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dance..slow, slow, quick, quick, slow...

'THE FALLEN OPEN THE CANOPY' From Words from Thought

‘Walk don’t run’ is the echo I hear from the past,
My father forever caring for the daughter he loves,
But I ran as fast as I could and fell
Many times.

I have picked myself up from the dirt many times,
I have lost count; numbers always hold chaos for me,
Time runs faster than I ever could,
So I fall.

The dirt does not hold a resting place for me,
So I rise again to grow as long as I live,
Learning to walk and hear the songs,
I shall sing.

I hear my father’s voice clear above the noise,
Such a signpost he holds above my head,
How could I ever fear becoming lost
Within failure.


Connie said...

I was rumaging through old photos today...came across my dads ...I can still hear his voice saying ,'Con' (short for Connie)..he is the only one who called me that.He was a very wise man..not demonstrative of feelings..but he cared and I felt it and still do...and he's been on the other side for many years now...

Rose~* said...

Lovely photo, Liz. I still hear many of my parent's words echoing in my head, at times. Even though they are still alive, it seems that their words are getting fewer and far between. ((HUGS))