Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A Scottish Fantasy

'A SCOTTISH FANTASY' From Let the end try the man

Leave me for I shall never be alone,
Although you may think my heart is stone,
It beats to a time, by which the river flows,
Holding past, present, and future no one knows,
From the mountain to the sea the words must fall,
Carrying the thoughts of one who would call
Silence, to listen for the music that plays
Tunes to carry light for many different ways.

I had to run though a desert and this river ran dry,
I cried as loud as I could so my tears might try
To bring water to a wasteland that crumbled at my feet,
And bring honour to those that only knew defeat,
From the mountain to the sea the water flows,
Holding the secret only the full moon knows,
Silence! Listen to the music that the stars simply play,
For that’s the only way you’ll hear what I say.

From the land of the mountain and the flood I belong,
And so do the unworthy words of this song,
Lost in a desert that would desiccate true care,
I stand and defy ignorance and now declare,
‘This is my life and you are only a guest’,
The land that I love holds more than the rest
In the silence that speaks from icy heights,
And the darkness of long cold winter nights.

She catches the rain that falls on her peaks,
And smiles with a face that wisdom seeks,
Strength is written within granite below,
The sky marries the word with virgin snow,
From which the trees grow straight and tall,
Evergreen life answering the eternal call
To wait for the sun, that will shine through the night,
And give the reward for such a lonely fight.

This song is for Connie who has been a stalwart friend from across the pond. This is the post you urged me to write even though you had no idea of what I might say.


Connie said...

The thoughts from your heart you well covey,
I hear you my friend and know what you say;
That though you long to be silent and strong,
The words you speak, to the world belongs;
Although your realm is filled with pain,
In your words there is so much to gain;
I want for you only the best,
Even if it's to be left alone to rest;
I sit silently by with weary heart,
Waiting for your renewal to satrt.

Connie said...

FUDGE__the last word in my previous comment is'start'

Connie said...

Fudge agai-the last word of the first sentence is 'convey'

Rose~* said...

Enjoyed your photo and poem, Liz. Thanks for sharing!