Thursday, 29 September 2011

Taught Well

'DANCE WITH LIGHT' From Visual Counterpoint

My father had every word at his fingertips,
Yet he never wrote down his own thoughts,
His talent lay elsewhere,
He taught others how to harness their energy,
His unselfish gift lives on in the children.

The debt for any gifts I have
Is owed to the generation to follow,
Together with the little I have learned.

'THERE IS NOTHING UGLY HERE' From Visual Counterpoint

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wonderland Wonders

'CATCH YOU UP LATER' From Visual Counterpoint

"I’m late, I’m late," the White Rabbit cries,
"Unless it is that my pocket watch lies",
The neutrinos dance through another dimension,
Leaving the world held in suspension.

A flying carpet is made in haste,
The White Rabbit leaps on with no time to waste,
The Cheshire cat grins with the ghost of a frown,
And waits for the circus clowns to leave town.

When silence at last descends on the land,
The neutrinos return to drop like sand
Through the hourglass blown by the wind for the rain,
And patiently wait to be timed out again.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Keep On Running

'HEDGES' From Visual Counterpoint

African pigmy hedgehog,
I hear you on your wheel,
Keep running baby,
Even if you are not getting anywhere,
Keep running,
It’s dangerous to stand and stare.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Minute Waltz

The cars drive
up and down
through my mind
them waltzing
to music
and stop them
wrecking it

'FORGET ME - NOT' From Visual Counterpoint

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Wishful Thinking

I wish I had it,
Blinkered to reality,
Virtually blind,

I wish I had it,
Security in darkness,
A simple way out.

I wish I had it,
Ability to focus,
On the road ahead,

On second thoughts - no,
Be careful what you wish for,
As you may get it…

'TUNNEL VISION' From Visual Counterpoint

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

In a Deep Forest

'IN A DEEP FOREST' From Visual Counterpoint

The richness of the human journey is here. Listen. Pass it on. So that there will not pass from our future the enchantment that begins with the honoured words:
‘Once upon a time long ago and far away, in a deep forest, there lived a child-much like you.’

Deep in the forest,
The Earth holds a diadem,
For a child to find,

Here the quiet depths,
Cast allures that encircle,
The enquiring mind,

Hidden pool of light,
Let me gaze into water,
That reflects my soul.

I would like to thank all the people who have recently commented, e-mailed me and given me encouragement to carry on posting.
The first paragraph is taken from the sleeve of John Barry’s ‘Beyondness of Things’. It seemed appropriate because I am trying to pass on what I see beyond the photographs I take.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Smoke Signal

'SMOKE SIGNAL' From Visual Counterpoint

It’s said there’s no smoke without fire,
No achievement without desire,
Young greenwood produces the most,
Rising from the heart like a ghost,
The whetted appetites of youth
Dance in death with the naked truth.

This will be the last post for some time.
I need to regain my balance.
There was a second verse but I couldn’t get the last two lines correct in my present confusion.

I wish everyone who reads my journal a safe journey.

Friday, 2 September 2011

A Journey Through Hell

'SEEING THE WOOD FOR THE TREES' From Visual Counterpoint

Hell is the haven for lies and deceit,
I walk though the door every day,
The journey demands I admit defeat,
And leave my dreams where they lay
Gasping for grace in the dust of my trail
And for water to turn into clay
The belief that imagination will sail
To the future so ignorance might fail.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Barriers to Understanding


I have been fighting the debilitating effects of a headache for the past week; this is something I am used to doing, as it is due to the chronic migraine I suffer. I decided to take the dogs out early this morning to attempt to walk the Pennine trail while it was less busy and hopefully without ‘strobe’ bicycle lights coming toward me. I would like these banned.
I was doing quite well until accosted by a man who had just joined the trail with his small dog in tow. My new dog Lucy was determined to attempt to wrap herself in his lead in order to communicate her delight at meeting his dog and played deaf to my calls. I apologised for my lack of control over her and muttered that I had a bad headache hoping that would excuse it. Luckily for me he was not bothered but then unluckily for me he then launched into a history of his own experiences of bad headaches, which he solved with yoga. My reply that it didn’t work for me did not faze him and then ignoring my statement that my condition was due to trauma he said his wife was a therapist. I was left in no doubt as to what kind of therapist as the conversation unfolded. He asked if I was blood group O. Unfortunately for him he had guessed incorrectly but he recovered with the next most common blood group A and followed with the statement that all group A people should be vegetarian. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh at such a ridiculous idea or cry for the person who was capable of believing such rubbish. I decided to believe that I had misheard him, which is always a possibility.
He then jogged about ten yards up the Pennine trail dragging a reluctant dog behind him before turning back to walk back past me saying. ‘He doesn’t want to run today, his mind is on food.’
I knew how the dog felt except that food was the last thing on my mind.


How can she be deaf with ears like that?

From Visual Counterpoint

'WHO SAID THIS WAS SIMPLE?'From Visual Counterpoint