Monday, 5 September 2011

Smoke Signal

'SMOKE SIGNAL' From Visual Counterpoint

It’s said there’s no smoke without fire,
No achievement without desire,
Young greenwood produces the most,
Rising from the heart like a ghost,
The whetted appetites of youth
Dance in death with the naked truth.

This will be the last post for some time.
I need to regain my balance.
There was a second verse but I couldn’t get the last two lines correct in my present confusion.

I wish everyone who reads my journal a safe journey.


ADB said...

I am pleased you have resumed blogging, Liz, and hope you do not mind my leaving a comment. I wish you well in recovering from your present state of confusion.

Barb said...

And I wish you a better day. I will be stopping by to check on you. You're very talented. I'm looking forward to your postings.
Chronic pain is not easy to cope with. I hope you continue to post, even if only a little. Everything starts with one step, one word, one idea. You're doing great, considering all that you've been though. I'll be praying for you.

Andy said...

It was nice to see an entry from you. My thoughts are with you

Rose said...

you have a way words ... it is my honor to read your journal. stay hopeful ...

best regards