Monday, 31 May 2010

To Be Frank

'Two in One' From Visual Counterpoint

I never knew him but he held me close,
I never met him but he spoke to me
With words I’ll hear through eternity,
While I remain comatose,
His words drove a 4X4 through my mind,
The rough was taken with the smooth,
By thoughts with less than nothing to prove,
And they left a trail for me to find.

'From here to there is a lifetime' From Visual Counterpoint

There are the ashes to be scattered at sea,
Where water continually rises and falls,
Responding only to the sun and moon’s calls,
And coldly separated him from me.
An ocean of tears I have shed,
Surely enough to quench the fire,
But only if it then holds the desire,
To follow the life he led.
'LOCATION, LOCATION' From Visual Counterpoint

The heart may ask for pleasure first,
But the mind’s request is hidden in thought,
That no transient pleasure ever bought,
Nor could satisfy the soul’s everlasting thirst,
For a river that flows from the highest mount,
Carrying the sky as it returns to the sea,
Holding the light as it passes me,
Offering more chances for life than I can count.

Frank A Lang was a person I was privileged to meet online.
He was a big man.
He died before I could meet him and I then lost any desire to cross the pond that had separated us.
I have shed enough tears to create a new ocean and that is the only one I will cross to meet my old friend.

I hope these words will help anyone who has lost an online friend to look into the future with the help their friend gave them.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Sorrowful Song


Run like a river washing pebbles clean,
Climb the sky with clouds riding on the crest
Of a wave that will crash before it’s ever seen
Laughing at the earth’s perennial jest.

'ON A TEARFUL SIGH'From Visual Counterpoint

Why can’t you hear the music that plays
On the winds that ride over mountain high,
Why can’t you drink the water that strays,
When it seeks the seas on a tearful sigh?

'THROUGH THE KEYHOLE' From Visual Counterpoint

Fly like a swallow sweeping the air,
As a prima ballerina rules the stage,
Dive to the depths of deepest despair,
And find the key to open the cage.

'WHILE I WEEP' From Visual Counterpoint

Why can’t you hear the song I sing
On the winds that ride through valley deep,
Why can’t you drink the water I bring
When it seeks to give life while I weep?
'EIGHT BELLS' From Visual Counterpoint

Stand like a statue still serving time
With the moment that once lived for all,
Only the tenor can be heard to chime
As eight bells answer the call.

'Take Only What Life Needs' From Visual Counterpoint

Why can’t you hear the changes I ring,
On the winds that ride a wild steed,
Why can’t you drink water on the wing
And, like a swallow, take only life’s need?

I am in the process of preparing a number of new photographs for my website* including many that will be posted in the Water Room as a result of an enchanting morning spent watching a pair of swans with their six cygnets.
The last photograph above is just one of them taken as I watched both male and female dive to bring weed up from the depths for their offspring to feed on.
* Now posted on
for all new photographs click on 'new additions' on the photo gallery bar.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea


Stand by me,
Where wild flowers grow,
Off the beaten track,
Where only shadows show,

Stand by me,
Where wild flowers grow,
Beside the mirrored sky,
Where only reflections row,

Stand by me,
Where only wild flowers grow,
Read the scene my words lack,
Where only the fastest are slow,

Stand by me,
Where only wild flowers grow,
Watch time as it passes by,
Where only still waters flow,

Stand by me,
Between the Devil,

And the deep blue sea.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Real Pain

'WHERE IS THE MUSIC' From Visual Counterpoint

Where is the music that can raise my soul?
Where is the sound that can touch my heart?
Where is the composer that can write the notes
That soars above the earth beneath my feet?

I listen hard yet hear nothing that drowns
The sheer destructive noise that surrounds
I live a life that must shrink from reality.

'WHERE IS THE TRUTH' From Visual Counterpoint

Where is the truth I was taught as a child?
Where is the justice I was lead to believe in?
Where are the words written for the song
That only lives with music?

I listened hard and heard nothing to crown,
The loud destructive noise that would drown
I therefore live far away from reality.

I am trying very hard to live with building work from neighbours on all sides.
They have no idea of the hell noise creates for me.
I live in hell every day.
Sometimes the noise seems more than I can bear but since I am still here tonight I must have carried it yesterday and today and so I can only try again tomorrow to do even better.

The green cross decoded

'LOOK AND LISTEN' From Visual Counterpoint

Stop where you are!
This moment needs time,
To focus on the thread,
By which hangs your living bed,
With every forgotten crime,
Since you were born of a star!

'LET THE EARTH SPEAK' From Visual Counterpoint

Let the earth speak!
Of time before your birth,
Survival meant brute force,
Raging rivers ran their course,
Drowning the babbling brook’s mirth,
What stood strong for the weak?

'LISTEN TO THE CUCKOO SING' From Visual Counterpoint

Let the air sing!
On the crest of a wave,
While a wild wind plays,
Themes discover unknown ways,
That disorder must pave,
For song carried on the wing.


Let the water flow!
From the sky to the sea,
Polish the mountains’ pride,
Feed the valleys that cried
Through time for you and me,
So the highest is brought low.

'WHERE I LIE' From Visual Counterpoint

Let the moment pass!
For the future holds more
Than the past and present knows,
Like a tree with good roots grows,
To carry the crown before
Shadows that only lie on the grass.

'IN FOCUS' From Visual Counterpoint


For more photographs of my views of spring please go to my website Visual Counterpoint that has been updated in the Spring, Monochrome and Fun Frolics and Photoshop rooms.
All new photographs can be viewed in one room by clicking on recent additions in the gallery.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Rite of Spring

'A TANGLED WEB' From Visual Counterpoint

What a tangled web one lie weaves,
The colour it creates when alive
Surrounds sound and will strive
To strangle truth and music leaves.
The cacophony that follows,
To the baton that is waved,
Gives the chaos craved
By crowds, lying in the hollows.

'HANGING BY A THREAD' From Visual Counterpoint

Where light lingers to illuminate a leaf,
A moment shows the colour it creates,
Here is the day that dawn debates,
Hanging by a thread holding joy and grief,
Here is music waiting to be found,
Held within hands that seek to play
To the passing night and coming day,
While time’s rhythm beats the ground.

'WALK THEN DANCE' From Visual Counterpoint

I walk on water and dance on air,
All moments that I live colour my life,
I create present future from past strife,
A field of dreams I plant because I care,
That the ground should hold the best
Safe and sound, sensitive and strong,
Where all lost souls yearn to belong,
Free and finally at rest.

'COLOUR ME IN BLACK AND WHITE' From Visual Counterpoint

My brothers favourite music was 'The Rite of Spring' by Igor Stravinsky.
He was born in May and this song is for him.

He was the greatest pacifist I have ever personally known.

He was quite simply the best brother any girl could ever have.