Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Sorrowful Song


Run like a river washing pebbles clean,
Climb the sky with clouds riding on the crest
Of a wave that will crash before it’s ever seen
Laughing at the earth’s perennial jest.

'ON A TEARFUL SIGH'From Visual Counterpoint

Why can’t you hear the music that plays
On the winds that ride over mountain high,
Why can’t you drink the water that strays,
When it seeks the seas on a tearful sigh?

'THROUGH THE KEYHOLE' From Visual Counterpoint

Fly like a swallow sweeping the air,
As a prima ballerina rules the stage,
Dive to the depths of deepest despair,
And find the key to open the cage.

'WHILE I WEEP' From Visual Counterpoint

Why can’t you hear the song I sing
On the winds that ride through valley deep,
Why can’t you drink the water I bring
When it seeks to give life while I weep?
'EIGHT BELLS' From Visual Counterpoint

Stand like a statue still serving time
With the moment that once lived for all,
Only the tenor can be heard to chime
As eight bells answer the call.

'Take Only What Life Needs' From Visual Counterpoint

Why can’t you hear the changes I ring,
On the winds that ride a wild steed,
Why can’t you drink water on the wing
And, like a swallow, take only life’s need?

I am in the process of preparing a number of new photographs for my website* including many that will be posted in the Water Room as a result of an enchanting morning spent watching a pair of swans with their six cygnets.
The last photograph above is just one of them taken as I watched both male and female dive to bring weed up from the depths for their offspring to feed on.
* Now posted on www.visualcounterpoint.com
for all new photographs click on 'new additions' on the photo gallery bar.


Andy said...

Again your words and pictures are pure magic. Thankyou

Connie said...

Andy said almost exactly what I was going to say--so I second his comment....