Friday, 14 May 2010

The green cross decoded

'LOOK AND LISTEN' From Visual Counterpoint

Stop where you are!
This moment needs time,
To focus on the thread,
By which hangs your living bed,
With every forgotten crime,
Since you were born of a star!

'LET THE EARTH SPEAK' From Visual Counterpoint

Let the earth speak!
Of time before your birth,
Survival meant brute force,
Raging rivers ran their course,
Drowning the babbling brook’s mirth,
What stood strong for the weak?

'LISTEN TO THE CUCKOO SING' From Visual Counterpoint

Let the air sing!
On the crest of a wave,
While a wild wind plays,
Themes discover unknown ways,
That disorder must pave,
For song carried on the wing.


Let the water flow!
From the sky to the sea,
Polish the mountains’ pride,
Feed the valleys that cried
Through time for you and me,
So the highest is brought low.

'WHERE I LIE' From Visual Counterpoint

Let the moment pass!
For the future holds more
Than the past and present knows,
Like a tree with good roots grows,
To carry the crown before
Shadows that only lie on the grass.

'IN FOCUS' From Visual Counterpoint


For more photographs of my views of spring please go to my website Visual Counterpoint that has been updated in the Spring, Monochrome and Fun Frolics and Photoshop rooms.
All new photographs can be viewed in one room by clicking on recent additions in the gallery.

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