Monday, 31 May 2010

To Be Frank

'Two in One' From Visual Counterpoint

I never knew him but he held me close,
I never met him but he spoke to me
With words I’ll hear through eternity,
While I remain comatose,
His words drove a 4X4 through my mind,
The rough was taken with the smooth,
By thoughts with less than nothing to prove,
And they left a trail for me to find.

'From here to there is a lifetime' From Visual Counterpoint

There are the ashes to be scattered at sea,
Where water continually rises and falls,
Responding only to the sun and moon’s calls,
And coldly separated him from me.
An ocean of tears I have shed,
Surely enough to quench the fire,
But only if it then holds the desire,
To follow the life he led.
'LOCATION, LOCATION' From Visual Counterpoint

The heart may ask for pleasure first,
But the mind’s request is hidden in thought,
That no transient pleasure ever bought,
Nor could satisfy the soul’s everlasting thirst,
For a river that flows from the highest mount,
Carrying the sky as it returns to the sea,
Holding the light as it passes me,
Offering more chances for life than I can count.

Frank A Lang was a person I was privileged to meet online.
He was a big man.
He died before I could meet him and I then lost any desire to cross the pond that had separated us.
I have shed enough tears to create a new ocean and that is the only one I will cross to meet my old friend.

I hope these words will help anyone who has lost an online friend to look into the future with the help their friend gave them.

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