Sunday, 6 June 2010


'CLOCKWISE' From Visual Counterpoint

No time is the right time.
Time knows no left or wrong.
Time simply is,
Ours to do with as we wish,
Carrying both glass and scythe,
All time is true.

Don’t try to mark Time,
It runs like a river from the mountain of dreams
To the sea of creation,
It carries every unborn thought,
Beyond the horizon to grow,
Into our future.

Time flies like a swallow in summer,
In many rhythmic patterns,
Dance to the music on the air,
Like a shadow with sunlight,
Or a moonbeam in the night,
Stand the test.

Don’t waste time,
There is nothing to keep you or me
Here as often as not,
Half-heartedly passing the day,
Warped and distorted
Empty space waits.

PS *dandy roll...

Today, I was asked by a woman on the canal towpath wheeling a child in a buggy, " What comes first the yellow flower or the clock? I was arguing with my husband."
A more than simple question if you take the starting point as the season spring but if you take the starting point as the seed?
That her two whippets ran rings around my two GSD X’s seems appropriate as her words have since run rings around my mind.

* a device for solidifying, and impressing a watermark in, paper during manufacture.

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