Friday, 30 July 2010

Lost and Found

'LOST AND FOUND' From Visual Counterpoint

Where is the note that sounds the end?
Where is the end that recalls the sound?
Where is the moment that Time ceases to exist?
Lost in Space.

I only hear the echo,

Through time and space the eternal call,
To bless the born and waken the dead,
Silence will always hold the moment,
Found in Space.

I only hear the echo,

Lost and found.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Climb Back to the Light

I have always wanted to explore interstellar space in search of something better than mankind, as I cannot believe we are the best intelligent species God can create.

I will never do that so I am doing the next best thing, exploring the vast emptiness my mind inhabits.
In my defence it is readily reached and will always reflect the best I can do.
My thought occasionally gets lost in the darkness but when my imagination sets to work I can find my way through any vacuum.

I do not ask anyone to understand me only that they try to understand themselves.
That, as far as I am concerned, will take every given second and is why I dedicate this song to Andy because sometimes we see the star still shining in the dust that it bequeathed to life.

I stand on two feet yet I stand on many more,
Many climbed out of water to breathe air,
They climbed down from trees to breathe open space,
Many stood of whom I’m not aware.

If I stand my ground how can I fall?
Look! The spreading old oak tree
Grew many roots before a crown,
I have many more feet under me.

I lost my liberty to the darkness on earth,
And look to flowing words to set me free,
There reflected by the blackest scene,
The sky holds a river of light over me,

To climb to the stars is the dream I hold,
Yet I have only learned how to stand,
On a planet that flies through darkest space,
While time marches silently over the land.

The crown I seek is my inheritance,
As I look back in time to the most distant star,
I see the future shining pure light,
From my dust when scattered afar.

For there you and I existed once before,
We were stars that once shone bright,
Stand still while space holds time for us,
And we will both climb back to the light.

The photographs that accompany my song have been placed after the words.
I could not find any photographs to truly compliment the words. This song was written to pictures my mind has taken that no camera can reproduce.

'RIVER OF LIGHT' From Visual Counterpoint


'THE CROWN I SEEK' From Visual Counterpoint


Friday, 23 July 2010

Silence is Golden

'LIKE GOLD' From Visual Counterpoint

The air drifted across her face like the touch of a butterfly,
She opened her eyes and saw the sun gleaming like gold through the trees,
‘Where are you?’ she asked.
The answer had been waiting for the right question at the right time so long that the small girl lying under the old tree did not understand the words when they reached her.
She only heard the wind rustle the leaves and the sound of silence was again lost in the sheer noise that surrounded it.

The child grew up always asking questions but none so fundamental as the one she so quickly forgot she had ever asked.

The only thing audible communication has to positively offer against the sheer negative destruction of silence is music.
All the rest is a lie.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Deleted but not forgotten

I have posted two entries that I have subsequently deleted.
These attracted comments of support from some very caring people that unfortunately have been deleted with the articles.
I am not a courageous person and my first article dealt with the fact that I had turned my back on my responsibilities not only as a Veterinary surgeon but also as a decent human being.
I then realised that my article might adversely affect the public’s faith in the Veterinary profession as a whole. It is far to late for me to report the events to The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. This is what I should have done over 25yrs ago.
I would only strongly advise any new Veterinary graduate to purchase a loud whistle when they receive their degree. Then use it if necessary to blow a hole in the fabric of any web of lies they find trying to smother their belief in their vocation.

I can only apologise profusely to those who took time to offer their support. I am not worthy of such friends.

I am not worthy of ever being a veterinary surgeon. I betrayed my vocation when I failed to report the abuse it was given by others.

I asked God to help me in the second article.
I am not worthy of that either but from what I believe of God that will not stop Him.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


I have retrieved some comments from my spam folder on AOL
Why they were sent there when at least one sender is in my ADDRESS BOOK I have no idea.
Is this why people have said they are unable to comment?
I rarely look at my spam folder.
I apologise to anyone who has been unable to comment.
It seems I should look for another provider if I am to stay online.

'IN THE DARK'From From Visual Counterpoint . com

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I see no earthly reason to continue to post on this journal.
Since I have no ability to write about what I see and cannot even capture the imagination of others when I add my photographs.
This journal will be closed.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to try to understand my words and appreciated my photographs.

This is the last post for Visual Counterpoint that I can invisage.
But I am blind and deaf.

'ON THE WILD SIDE' From Visual Counterpoint

Take a walk on the wild side, if you dare
To face nature as she fights our ugly world,
With simple beauty’s banner unfurled,
A sword held high for all to share.
'FOR ALL TO SHARE'From Visual Counterpoint

'BENEATH OUR FEET' From Visual Counterpoint

Here the earth sings her flower song,
She plays her music at our feet,
Showers all with ripened wheat,
And calls to us that here we belong.
From Visual Counterpoint

If you are unwilling to walk on the wild side,
Shut your blind eyes and deaf ears,
Wrap and insulate yourself with fears,
You’ll need every one and more beside…
'A SYMPHONY OF LIGHT' From Visual Counterpoint

When the music plays a symphony of light,
Every season will bring the sky to earth,
For the stars above know what she is worth,
And ceaselessly sing through the night.
'FROM THE SKY' From Visual Counterpoint

Then, as in the darkness must surely be
Everything that holds our world in space,
The unknown web is revealed as intricate lace,
Weaving through time completely free.

'WEAVING THROUGH TIME' From Visual Counterpoint

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Natural Climber

'A NATURAL CLIMBER' From Visual Counterpoint

The scent of honeysuckle clings to my memory,
With summer evenings walked down a winding lane,
With hedges too high for a child to see,
My thirst was quenched by the sweetest rain.
'SWEET RAIN' From Visual Counterpoint

The only lights were high above in the sky,
Until one fell to earth and I was told,
To make a wish as it passed by,
I was merely a child but I was bold.
'ILLUSIVE MAGIC' From Visual Counterpoint

I lived my dream through a lifetime of care,
My star carried music from heaven above,
I caught an illusive magic so rare,
And knew I held the meaning of love.
'LINGERING SCENT'From Visual Counterpoint

Now the honeysuckle only brings tears,
As I try to walk between hedge and hell,
Fighting to overcome irrational fears,
A lingering scent climbs with every word I spell.

Last Sunday I badly twisted my knee and damaged my medial ligament severely.
It has given me a very good excuse not to fight the fear of the terrible noise recurring that made me feel so ill when walking on the canal towpath where the wild honeysuckle is flowering.
Today was the first day I was able to take the dogs out and I was glad I was unable to get as far as the honeysuckle.
Although I have in fact managed to walk this part of the canal twice since the incident it has been an unpleasant experience both times. The second time the sound of a narrow boat coming up behind me at the exact same spot made me very dizzy and I almost fainted.
I have been unable to get any photographs this year of the honeysuckle despite the glorious weather; therefore all the accompanying pictures have been taken from last year’s not previously posted here or on my website.
I hope that when I am fit enough to reach the place that caused me so much distress the one bad memory will have faded and all I will think about is the beauty of a natural climber.