Sunday, 25 July 2010

Climb Back to the Light

I have always wanted to explore interstellar space in search of something better than mankind, as I cannot believe we are the best intelligent species God can create.

I will never do that so I am doing the next best thing, exploring the vast emptiness my mind inhabits.
In my defence it is readily reached and will always reflect the best I can do.
My thought occasionally gets lost in the darkness but when my imagination sets to work I can find my way through any vacuum.

I do not ask anyone to understand me only that they try to understand themselves.
That, as far as I am concerned, will take every given second and is why I dedicate this song to Andy because sometimes we see the star still shining in the dust that it bequeathed to life.

I stand on two feet yet I stand on many more,
Many climbed out of water to breathe air,
They climbed down from trees to breathe open space,
Many stood of whom I’m not aware.

If I stand my ground how can I fall?
Look! The spreading old oak tree
Grew many roots before a crown,
I have many more feet under me.

I lost my liberty to the darkness on earth,
And look to flowing words to set me free,
There reflected by the blackest scene,
The sky holds a river of light over me,

To climb to the stars is the dream I hold,
Yet I have only learned how to stand,
On a planet that flies through darkest space,
While time marches silently over the land.

The crown I seek is my inheritance,
As I look back in time to the most distant star,
I see the future shining pure light,
From my dust when scattered afar.

For there you and I existed once before,
We were stars that once shone bright,
Stand still while space holds time for us,
And we will both climb back to the light.

The photographs that accompany my song have been placed after the words.
I could not find any photographs to truly compliment the words. This song was written to pictures my mind has taken that no camera can reproduce.

'RIVER OF LIGHT' From Visual Counterpoint


'THE CROWN I SEEK' From Visual Counterpoint



Andy said...

Thank you, that is lovely

ADB said...

Beautiful in a word, Liz. I hope you'll have a good week.