Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I see no earthly reason to continue to post on this journal.
Since I have no ability to write about what I see and cannot even capture the imagination of others when I add my photographs.
This journal will be closed.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to try to understand my words and appreciated my photographs.

This is the last post for Visual Counterpoint that I can invisage.
But I am blind and deaf.

'ON THE WILD SIDE' From Visual Counterpoint

Take a walk on the wild side, if you dare
To face nature as she fights our ugly world,
With simple beauty’s banner unfurled,
A sword held high for all to share.
'FOR ALL TO SHARE'From Visual Counterpoint

'BENEATH OUR FEET' From Visual Counterpoint

Here the earth sings her flower song,
She plays her music at our feet,
Showers all with ripened wheat,
And calls to us that here we belong.
From Visual Counterpoint

If you are unwilling to walk on the wild side,
Shut your blind eyes and deaf ears,
Wrap and insulate yourself with fears,
You’ll need every one and more beside…
'A SYMPHONY OF LIGHT' From Visual Counterpoint

When the music plays a symphony of light,
Every season will bring the sky to earth,
For the stars above know what she is worth,
And ceaselessly sing through the night.
'FROM THE SKY' From Visual Counterpoint

Then, as in the darkness must surely be
Everything that holds our world in space,
The unknown web is revealed as intricate lace,
Weaving through time completely free.

'WEAVING THROUGH TIME' From Visual Counterpoint


Andy said...

I am so sad that you are not going to be making any more entries. Every entry you have made has inspired my thoughts and imagination. I will miss you

Rose~* said...

Awesome photos Liz and such powerful words, too. The spider web in "weaving through time" was spectacular. That photo should be submitted to a nature magazine for all to enjoy.

Liz said...

Thank you Rose for your support.
At least you do not seem to have any problem commenting on my journal thank goodness.
I have been told that others have been unable to do so. I have no idea why.
I have no idea whether I will continue this journal. At the moment I have no incentive to do so.

Jeanie said...

Beautiful words and equally beautiful photographs Liz.
I was awed by them.
Thank you for sharing.