Friday, 27 March 2009

Simply No

Quite Simply,
No photograph is available

The strong live far beyond death’s touch,
No grim reaper can gather gold
That speaks with words describing light
No purveyor ever sold.

The weak live far beyond death’s touch,
No grim reaper gathers the meek,
That speaks with words describing light
No arrogance shall ever seek.

The one light shines beyond death’s touch,
No grim reaper can douse the flame
That lives within every soul,
No hurdle will ever stop the lame.

The music plays beyond death’s touch,
No grim reaper can silence the chord
That rises above any mind,
No memory can ever record.

The pattern plays beyond death’s touch,
No grim reaper sees the morrow,
That creeps behind the darkest night,
No darkness sees the light follow.

The silence lives beyond death’s touch,
No grim reaper destroys the light
That lives far beyond the mind’s eye,
No darkness can destroy true sight.

The end lives far beyond death’s touch,
No grim reaper harvests a gift
That passed freely from one to all,
No shadow shall show any rift.

Because quite Simply,
No Preview is Allowed

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rage and Revenge for Injustice

From Visual Counterpoint

The fire burns and ash becomes dust,
The wind blows and air becomes heavy,
The light is dimmed and darkness reigns,
Vision is impaired. False steps taken
Only circle the source of heat,
Then add more fuel to the flames.

How is this fire quenched for ever?
When water turns to steam and drives
A greater force than fire alone,
Clouding the vision even more,
Rising from the flames like a ghost,
And haunting the graveyard of truth.

Who wants to bury righteous rage?
No one that I shall ever respect,
It shall ever rise to challenge
Corruption, deceit and deception,
So do not dial nine nine nine,
This fire burns in hell for you and me.

Picture This

From Visual Counterpoint

Trust in truth and no lie will live,
Love the light and darkness will die,
Sing the song so music will speak of
Care carried on the softest sigh,

Dream or wake to worldly ways where
Lies win rewards that truth discards,
Choose whom to follow; no man stands
To match the warning sung by bards.

Build high with bricks weathered and worn,
Send your signal to those that thresh
With words that spin the yarn of sin,
Heart and soul live above the flesh.

My heart and soul like water ran,
Let all lies now leave me alone,
My soul is safe beyond all bounds,
But my heart has been turned to stone,

Polished like a river pebble,
Shining in shafts of light from above,
Colours once hidden hold a secret,
And describe the world that I love.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Requiem for Waste

Watch the Water
From Colour Contrast Continuity

Focus on the Water
From Colour Contrast Continuity

Wait awhile and watch the water,
Ripple round this relic’s rust,
No joyful tidings sweep this way,
No choirs of angels sing to sway
A listener to hear the just,
Or ever justify the slaughter.

Below the surface silence seethes,
In darkness shadows can’t be seen,
No sunlight ever sweeps this way,
No choirs of angels sing to sway
A melody from where it’s been
Playing with airs the water breathes.

Above the cold cries wheel around,
Mourners circle sites of sadness,
No rings of laughter sweep this way,
No choirs of angels sing to sway
This music to the sound of gladness,
Or ever drown a single sound.

Dead in the water

From Colour Contrast Continuity

The images were given to me by a very good friend DOUGY who lives on Orkney. They portray ships that were sunk as barriers to protect others during WW2.

I altered them on Photoshop to illustrate this song.

Please go to his site for more of his photographs of the island that we both love.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sweet Please

From Colour Contrast Continuity

The brave hold their heads up to light,
Despite the bitter wind that blows,
For only tomorrow knows,
What beauty will survive the fight.

The brave stand firm on shaky ground,
Despite the bitter blows that fall,
For only deeds done today stall,
Greed’s desire for everything found.

The brave died where they fell and lie,
To mark the place for us to see,
The sacrifice made silently,
While bitter winds around them cry.

To view more spring photographs in slideshows and full screen magnification please go to my website.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Throw Lies Away

From Visual Counterpoint

Fear destroys our ability to see the truth,
Like a shroud it falls
And lies about everything,
Of any worth,

The burden, fear tells us, is too great to bear,
It speaks of failure,
Through the shadows of the mind,
Where despair hides.

Fearlessly open your mind to the truth,
It speaks of victory,
With light showing the way,
Through misfortune.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

On Time

From Visual Counterpoint
And the sun set for the last time,
No eyes saw the flames die this time,
Extinguished by time for all time,
Time marched on,
To timeless eternity,
On time.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Not Only the Response But Also

Reflection on the Day

From Visual Counterpoint
Why does the nightingale sing in the night?
Listen to the song that weeps for the day,
That passed without a care,
And drove,

Why does the nightingale sing in the night?
Listen to the song that weeps for the day,
That passed without a care,
And seeks,
To lie,

Why does the nightingale sing in the night?
Listen to the song that weeps for the day,
That passed without a care,
And cry,
Out loud,

Why does the nightingale sing in the night?
So we may hear beauty weep for the day,
That passed without a care,
And stand,
For truth.

Why does the nightingale sing in the night?
Because it is a small shy brown bird,
And fears to join the chorus,
That screams,
At dawn,
Of day.

This is a song for a friend across the pond so she may know she is not alone.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Notes in Poetry

There is a Green Hill
From Visual Counterpoint

Words written in lines,
Thoughts held in the space between,
Poetry pictured.

Tones captured in lines,
Sounds released speak of passion,
From which music flows.

Deeds written in blood,
Live in the sacrifice made,
So all may survive.

(This verse inspired by ‘The Lark Ascending’. Music that speaks of the sacrifice of so much in WW1 to me.)

I celebrate Death,
Great moments deserve a song,
A lasting reprise.

If you heard music,

Stand up and sing your song for all,

Your words are needed.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Northern Lights

From Colour Contrast Continuity

Thanks to a very good friend across the pond I realise that many of the thoughts I have I fail to translate into words that are readily understood.
My mind leaps leaving gaps that are difficult to follow and I fail to provide the necessary signposts.
I have gone back to leave a signpost on Hover above Obsession because I believe passion is an essential positive emotion and its’ language is music.
I believe obsession as a negative emotion that precludes communication in any language.
My mind’s eye sees passion hovering above obsession and I try to stay above the fine line that divides them by listening to what music is trying to say.

Double Entendre

From Visual Counterpoint

Twisted, sharp and rusty wire,
Modern cheap fencing attire,
Airy guard of forbidden fruit,
Who would fail to reject your suit?
Not the thorn that stands in awe,
Of the prickliest ‘stick’ it ever saw,
A ‘natural’ sees the ‘ideal’,
And feels the power it can wheel.

Taught, crossed and rusty wire,
Once desired by many a buyer,
A thorn will crown your silver brow,
With a diadem woven now
From silence held in winter’s sleep,
While all around lullabies weep,
And call for the end of cold steel,
One red berry offers a meal.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Royal Bank of Scotland's Disgrace

From Colour Contrast Continuity

For the Eyes

Nowhere will truth be heard,
Nowhere will light be seen,
While ignorance and arrogance reign,
And greed never looks where it’s been.

Nowhere true love be known,
Nowhere sacrifice be made,
While wealth and power corrupts the weak,
And principles of decency fade.

Nowhere will I belong,
Nowhere will I stay and rest,
While liars win rewards for their words,
And continue to feather their nest.

From Colour Contrast Continuity


From Colour Contrast Continuity

Wrapped and Packed