Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Picture This

From Visual Counterpoint

Trust in truth and no lie will live,
Love the light and darkness will die,
Sing the song so music will speak of
Care carried on the softest sigh,

Dream or wake to worldly ways where
Lies win rewards that truth discards,
Choose whom to follow; no man stands
To match the warning sung by bards.

Build high with bricks weathered and worn,
Send your signal to those that thresh
With words that spin the yarn of sin,
Heart and soul live above the flesh.

My heart and soul like water ran,
Let all lies now leave me alone,
My soul is safe beyond all bounds,
But my heart has been turned to stone,

Polished like a river pebble,
Shining in shafts of light from above,
Colours once hidden hold a secret,
And describe the world that I love.

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