Thursday, 28 January 2010


I am leaving AOL after more than 10years
AOL was the first internet provider I took and it has taken more than the cheaper options to take away my loyalty.
It took AOL and their lying telephone seller that tried to move me from Talk Talk to their AOL TALK by saying that Talk Talk and AOL Talk was the same company with a different name.

Yes!it has a different name and is a different company it is minus EH OH HELL!

I hate liars.
I now leave AOL because they threw my 10 years of loyalty out of the window when they used me as a 'stupid target' for their lying sales pitch. This is despite I stated that I have a PROBLEM owing to brain damage in assessing any information that is only verbal. (i.e. via the telephone)

Talk Talk took time to understand what had been done to me.
I have had my telephone calls with them, as they are the best option for someone who rarely uses this medium. I strongly recommend them as a company that has time for those that are disabled.

Now I move to Talk Talk for my broadband because I cannot stand a liar and will not pay to be lied to by AOL.

I will have a new e-mail address with Talk Talk as soon as this transfer is completed.

While this happens the only e-mail address I have whe my aol address fails is via my website~
Please bear with me until I understand how to retrieve and answer via this address.

To say that I been totally disallusioned by the way I have been rewarded for my loyalty is an understatement.

I would never have moved from AOL but for the lies.
I never seek the cheapest option I seek only the truth.
AOL not only gave me lies but they were not even the cheapest option!

I am sad to leave AOL only because of the wonderful people I met in 'the old days' via Diadem
that have long since departed: some from just AOL (Now I understand) and the greatest of them unfortunately also from life.

If there is anyone who knows what I mean by Diadem then please contact me because 'it is a dangerous world ' and we all need friends that try to understand every individual however unique they may seem to be!
Understanding takes time; one lifetime is not enough.
I hope to live forever and therefore learn everything I need to understand. Only then will I be able to touch the wisdom that encompasses the universe.

I dream. I dreamed on Diadem. I still dream.

If I ever write my dreams here then please understand that is all they are and I do not expect anyone to understand them.

Dreams from a dreamer that has lost her way,
In darkness that holds more than can be seen,
Open your mind to the unknown that has been,
Is now and in the future will try to stay,
Ignorance! This evil only requires the good
To do nothing let alone set out to teach,
The children to look up and reach
For the stars believing more than 'If I could I would'.

'I can and I will', should be their cry,
For they hold the future in their hands,
They hold the fortune of all our lands,
May they hear the music from stars that die,
To give life to worlds beyond their time,
And learn how small they are, then grow
Toward the light that will always show,
The way, as one bell must always chime.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Blue Gold

This would have been my entry to Ellipsis Monday photo shoot Houses of Worship
I wait for Carly to say I may enter

Carly has now answered and told me in no uncertain terms that she is not willing to accept my entries.

So this journal has no reason for any further posts.

In the mean time please follow the link to join in or view other entries.
'LIKE THE FIRST MORNING' From Visual Counterpoint

No sound will record the words I speak,
No eyes will see the breath I take,
No law will give the justice I seek,
No one will hear the music I make,
This land is not where I would live,
This is where I die for love’s sake,
This is where I learn how to give,
And pass through the finest sieve.

Darkness is no stranger to me,
I have wandered through its’ gloomy halls,
Like a ship adrift on the Sargasso Sea,
I have felt the coldness of its’ walls,
And heard the ancient mariner’s song,
The albatross that died still calls,
To the crest of the wave that rolls along,
And seeks only one shore to belong.

Where is the tune to reach such a height?
Where is the rhythm to waken the deep?
Water holds the key to nature’s might,
The sky carries her strength in sleep,
Then on wakening gives to the earth,
The blue gold for mankind to keep,
Knowledge from the sea of our birth,
Where time will value our worth.

I live and die by the gun

To Stromness, Orkney.
You hold the magical music of a haven.
This has been written and recorded by a great composer who heard a farewell that has yet to be played.

'TIME MARCHES ON' From Notes on the Scale

I shoot to kill the liars and corrupt bastards that this world produces.
I will happily die by the gun that I fire.

Words like stray bullets fly through the air,
I grapple with time and seek Hamnavoe,
Where is the moment I can stand and dare
To open my heart, and give all it would show?
Where is the place I could feel safe and secure?
Only on the island my soul must always know,
As the siren that throws an irresistible lure,
To any that seek love that must endure.

This gunfire will strike the liars dumb,
When time marches on and shows truth’s way:
We learn too slowly to pick up the crumb
Left by the past like a jewel, and only say,
‘This is what I want and what I will take,
Irrespective of cost because I will not pay!’
Listen to the liars and the sound they make,
Listen and learn for God’s sake!

The lesson is simple and lives for all,
Black and white holds everything within view,
Colour is added by those that survive the fall,
Through an air written by one for the few,
Wait! And listen for the silent encore,
That stands in the wings for everything new,
Then reach for the key that opens the door,
Knowing it holds all you saw.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Let it be as it will be...

This song is illustrated by Connie's artistry.
I consider myself fortunate to call her my friend from across the pond.

Let the nature of our world be what she will be,
Let humans that live on this planet finally learn,
They are visitors to time and always free,
To spend any moment searching for light to burn,
While tragedy strips our tenuous strength,
Is it too late for the present to take a turn?
Toward a future as wide as its’ length,
Yes! While charity receives less than its’ due: one tenth.

No God should ever be blamed for fate,
That stands in time wrought by ways,
Seeking to open a long closed gate,
And finding the key to a living maze,
My God will always be real to me,
As upon His world I simply gaze,
Then sing with a voice captured by the free,
Like water runs from the mountain to the sea.

Night will fall on more than the earth,
While souls seek refuge within belief,
In adversity love gains a second birth,
And comforts those stricken by grief,
Water holds this loss in every tear,
And the river flows above and beneath,
A land that is so far and yet so near,
With stars silently answering every fear.

One shone for us all with a blinding light,
Then died so we might rekindle the fire,
That shows the way through the darkest night,
With curiosity that looks beyond the mire,
Blue is the colour of that star long dead,
Red is the colour that holds all desire,
For the only one that died in our stead,
To whom we weakly cry for our daily bread.

I will only post on this journal when I feel the entry is worthy of a second look.

Darkness Cries for Light, Light Dreams in darkness


Did you hear the call of the nightingale,
As she sings for lost dreams through the night?
Did you hear the silence between each phrase,
That echoes darkness held within light?
Did you feel the gentle touch of one,
Waiting to join you in the fight?
With a strength beyond any simple belief,
And a force greater than any might.

If you hear the music then you must cry,
With the only voice that you own,
Singing like the nightingale in darkness, call
All to gather the seeds that must be sown,
So this world will flourish and Time will say,
‘Every moment I spent here has grown,
To become greater than I ever dreamed,
More than past and present has ever shown.’

Or do you wake in the cold light of morning,
Having lost many forgettable dreams?
Do you ever wonder what passes silently,
While you wait to wake to reality, that seems
To rule yet must stand aside when your soul
Finally leaps into the water and silently screams,
For the freedom to sing of the love you held
In faith, and give it to the bubbling streams.

Lost yet found by the water of life,
For there it will run with laughing glee,
From the highest mountain crowned by the sky,
To the lowest land bordered by the bold salt sea,
From where some fled to fill this world,
Then grew to provide both you and me,
With ears to hear the music that plays an ancient song,
And know the words that accompany the free.

This is for Andy who has inspired me with his courage and his love that must encompass all humanity.

I have re-opened this journal to post a song written for a man I have never met but admire without any reservation.

If you hear the music for which I wrote these words, then you always knew the meaning.