Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I live and die by the gun

To Stromness, Orkney.
You hold the magical music of a haven.
This has been written and recorded by a great composer who heard a farewell that has yet to be played.

'TIME MARCHES ON' From Notes on the Scale

I shoot to kill the liars and corrupt bastards that this world produces.
I will happily die by the gun that I fire.

Words like stray bullets fly through the air,
I grapple with time and seek Hamnavoe,
Where is the moment I can stand and dare
To open my heart, and give all it would show?
Where is the place I could feel safe and secure?
Only on the island my soul must always know,
As the siren that throws an irresistible lure,
To any that seek love that must endure.

This gunfire will strike the liars dumb,
When time marches on and shows truth’s way:
We learn too slowly to pick up the crumb
Left by the past like a jewel, and only say,
‘This is what I want and what I will take,
Irrespective of cost because I will not pay!’
Listen to the liars and the sound they make,
Listen and learn for God’s sake!

The lesson is simple and lives for all,
Black and white holds everything within view,
Colour is added by those that survive the fall,
Through an air written by one for the few,
Wait! And listen for the silent encore,
That stands in the wings for everything new,
Then reach for the key that opens the door,
Knowing it holds all you saw.


Andy said...

Brilliant again!

Liz said...

If I touched a key that played a chord for you then I am glad that my fumbling finger found the right note.

Rose~* said...

Good poem, Liz.