Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Blue Gold

This would have been my entry to Ellipsis Monday photo shoot Houses of Worship
I wait for Carly to say I may enter

Carly has now answered and told me in no uncertain terms that she is not willing to accept my entries.

So this journal has no reason for any further posts.

In the mean time please follow the link to join in or view other entries.
'LIKE THE FIRST MORNING' From Visual Counterpoint

No sound will record the words I speak,
No eyes will see the breath I take,
No law will give the justice I seek,
No one will hear the music I make,
This land is not where I would live,
This is where I die for love’s sake,
This is where I learn how to give,
And pass through the finest sieve.

Darkness is no stranger to me,
I have wandered through its’ gloomy halls,
Like a ship adrift on the Sargasso Sea,
I have felt the coldness of its’ walls,
And heard the ancient mariner’s song,
The albatross that died still calls,
To the crest of the wave that rolls along,
And seeks only one shore to belong.

Where is the tune to reach such a height?
Where is the rhythm to waken the deep?
Water holds the key to nature’s might,
The sky carries her strength in sleep,
Then on wakening gives to the earth,
The blue gold for mankind to keep,
Knowledge from the sea of our birth,
Where time will value our worth.


Rose~* said...

Lovely photo and your poem made me think, as usual. I'm not sure what is going on with the other thing about photos, but hope that you continue to keep up the good work, Liz. (((HUGS)))

Spiderdama said...

The text and photo are great!:-)
I do not understand why you can not post, but I hope it goes well..
Wish you a nice day! Hug from Norway

Andy said...

Fantastic words and picture. Can not understand why you can not post them.

Connie said...

Well honey it's cause yours puts theirs to shame...so you continue to snap and post for those that really appreciate real talent.Pooh-pooh to those that have to be so petty. My naysayer and I worked out our differences from just a few weeks ago,but when I encountered rudeness from the photo groups I knew it wasn't the place for me...who needs the stress..Your works are beyond words worthy enough to describe your talents.

Liz said...

To all who have commemted here

I have no intention of laying myself open gain to the kind of treatment that I have received.
This journal was for the enjoyment of photographic challenge.
I only wanted to give others the chance to see what I saw.
This has been rejected.
I have retired from the challenge HURT.