Thursday, 28 January 2010


I am leaving AOL after more than 10years
AOL was the first internet provider I took and it has taken more than the cheaper options to take away my loyalty.
It took AOL and their lying telephone seller that tried to move me from Talk Talk to their AOL TALK by saying that Talk Talk and AOL Talk was the same company with a different name.

Yes!it has a different name and is a different company it is minus EH OH HELL!

I hate liars.
I now leave AOL because they threw my 10 years of loyalty out of the window when they used me as a 'stupid target' for their lying sales pitch. This is despite I stated that I have a PROBLEM owing to brain damage in assessing any information that is only verbal. (i.e. via the telephone)

Talk Talk took time to understand what had been done to me.
I have had my telephone calls with them, as they are the best option for someone who rarely uses this medium. I strongly recommend them as a company that has time for those that are disabled.

Now I move to Talk Talk for my broadband because I cannot stand a liar and will not pay to be lied to by AOL.

I will have a new e-mail address with Talk Talk as soon as this transfer is completed.

While this happens the only e-mail address I have whe my aol address fails is via my website~
Please bear with me until I understand how to retrieve and answer via this address.

To say that I been totally disallusioned by the way I have been rewarded for my loyalty is an understatement.

I would never have moved from AOL but for the lies.
I never seek the cheapest option I seek only the truth.
AOL not only gave me lies but they were not even the cheapest option!

I am sad to leave AOL only because of the wonderful people I met in 'the old days' via Diadem
that have long since departed: some from just AOL (Now I understand) and the greatest of them unfortunately also from life.

If there is anyone who knows what I mean by Diadem then please contact me because 'it is a dangerous world ' and we all need friends that try to understand every individual however unique they may seem to be!
Understanding takes time; one lifetime is not enough.
I hope to live forever and therefore learn everything I need to understand. Only then will I be able to touch the wisdom that encompasses the universe.

I dream. I dreamed on Diadem. I still dream.

If I ever write my dreams here then please understand that is all they are and I do not expect anyone to understand them.

Dreams from a dreamer that has lost her way,
In darkness that holds more than can be seen,
Open your mind to the unknown that has been,
Is now and in the future will try to stay,
Ignorance! This evil only requires the good
To do nothing let alone set out to teach,
The children to look up and reach
For the stars believing more than 'If I could I would'.

'I can and I will', should be their cry,
For they hold the future in their hands,
They hold the fortune of all our lands,
May they hear the music from stars that die,
To give life to worlds beyond their time,
And learn how small they are, then grow
Toward the light that will always show,
The way, as one bell must always chime.


Andy said...

AOL services in the UK are provided by TalkTalk! I remember the Diadem chat rooms on AOL and very occasionaly pop in there to this day. AOL certainly went into a downward spiral from which they are only just beginning to recover from. However there is absolutely no excuse to lie to anybody.

Rose~* said...

You should still be able to access your AOL mail through "webmail". Once you have an AOL email address, it is yours for life, unless you stop signing in for the required period of time - I think it is 90 days (not sure about that).

Connie said...

We have all had bad experiences with AOL hence the name AOHELL..but I still use their e-mail although i no longer pay their outrageous amount for the privilage.I find it is the easiest and best out there except for the limit they put on the amount allowed in your inbox. When you switch over you can still get AOL free check out ...