Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Let it be as it will be...

This song is illustrated by Connie's artistry.
I consider myself fortunate to call her my friend from across the pond.

Let the nature of our world be what she will be,
Let humans that live on this planet finally learn,
They are visitors to time and always free,
To spend any moment searching for light to burn,
While tragedy strips our tenuous strength,
Is it too late for the present to take a turn?
Toward a future as wide as its’ length,
Yes! While charity receives less than its’ due: one tenth.

No God should ever be blamed for fate,
That stands in time wrought by ways,
Seeking to open a long closed gate,
And finding the key to a living maze,
My God will always be real to me,
As upon His world I simply gaze,
Then sing with a voice captured by the free,
Like water runs from the mountain to the sea.

Night will fall on more than the earth,
While souls seek refuge within belief,
In adversity love gains a second birth,
And comforts those stricken by grief,
Water holds this loss in every tear,
And the river flows above and beneath,
A land that is so far and yet so near,
With stars silently answering every fear.

One shone for us all with a blinding light,
Then died so we might rekindle the fire,
That shows the way through the darkest night,
With curiosity that looks beyond the mire,
Blue is the colour of that star long dead,
Red is the colour that holds all desire,
For the only one that died in our stead,
To whom we weakly cry for our daily bread.

I will only post on this journal when I feel the entry is worthy of a second look.


Connie said...

I again stand in awe of your song.
You are such a talented person.
I know you don't believe that but with all that is in me I know that you emit much love in your words.

Andy said...

Again another fantastic song. Indeed you are very talented.

Liz said...

I have no talent I only try to write what I hear and I know my words do not come close to the music that surrounds me with such beauty that I must be rendered speechless.