Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Line

'Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do' From Colour Contrast Continuity
What line?
This line.

The line drawn between truth and lie,

It is not a straight line.

Just as the line between black and white holds every tone between so every moment holds every possibility to control the contrast between darkness and light.

By our actions we reflect the light or spread shadows to increase the darkness.

These lines only ask the question.

You must give the answer.

With the talents you have been given.

The line may not be straight but it exists throughout curved space-time and divides right from wrong for eternity.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Give Us Time

'Give Us Time' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Silence holds every single sound,
Carries the power to end noise,
That invades our sense with no worth,
And delivers bedlam to destroy pure poise.

I fight the destruction of noise,
That invades my mind and my thought,
My ammunition is music,
And it echoes every battle I’ve fought.

I died in the past full of lies,
I died in the present you played,
I died before the future came,
Where ignorance shall be forever slayed.

There is no marker for my grave,
I lived silently and so died,
I am of no worth in this world,
That gives nothing to those that have not lied.

Send not to ask for whom the bell
Tolls, throughout the long day and night,
Listen to the silence that rings
Changes, to bring darkness toward the light.


This picture was given to me while I looked.

The words were given to me while I listened.

Friday, 15 May 2009

The Greatest Theatrical Stage Is Our World

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Occasionally we meet someone who has a great influence on our lives.
Even more rare is the person who influences us despite never meeting them.
Greg Kiser is such a man. He offers a helping hand to strangers all over the world and I feel privileged to have been chosen to feature in his ‘Spotlight’.

If “ All the world’s a stage”* I hope there are more actors like Greg to take the lead role.

He has embarrassed me with his words. I shall reciprocate by dedicating this song to him.

*‘As You Like It’. W Shakespeare.

'The Curtain Rises' From Colour Contrast Continuity

The curtain rises with every dawn,
Mystery waits to wrap around us,
Drama flamboyantly parades in pride,
Secret love lies softly sighing,
Beside a river that runs to the sea,
And colours the water for eternity.

'Mystery' From Colour Contrast Continuity

'Drama' From Colour Contrast Continuity

'Enter Stage Left' From Colour Contrast Continuity

'Secret triste' From Colour Contrast Continuity

The future hangs balanced in time,
Beside light that falls all around us,
The final act is one of sacrifice,
Tears flow to give the river life,
Beside a cliff that hangs with love,
And colours the water from above.

'Cliffhanger' From Colour Contrast Continuity

'Finale' From Colour Contrast Continuity

The curtains fall with every blink,
That shuts eyes and closes minds,
The orchestra plays an overture,
This play has yet to be acted on stage,
Beside a river running to the sea
Under a cliff hung for you and me.

'Applause' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Monday, 4 May 2009

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