Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Heartbeatingly Close

The breeze barely bent a single ear of corn,
While it whispered soft secrets to the waiting dawn,
Where had it learned a song so wondrously light?
What ocean had taught it to sing through the night?
Under what sky was this music born?
That rose like cream over simple corn.

The earth holds her breath for the expected sun,
Drops priceless jewels on lace patience spun,
To be given to welcome the warmth of a new day,
Conveying more than words can ever say,
And take the place she has peacefully won,
Under the light of the expected sun.

Time will carry the beating heart of a song,
And it shall find the place where it can belong,
The future shines bright for faith and hope,
The past will slide down a slippery slope,
Today will learn what is right from wrong,
When it hears the beat of the heart of a song.

One Only

Only a fool knows everything that can be learned.
Only a wildcard knows how to play the game.
Only the blind will see beyond sight.
Only the deaf will hear silent music.
Only the dead are alive.
Only excludes all others.
Only is the only one we all will ever know.
Only is me.
Only are you.
Only is one.
Lonely is the one that tries only to learn.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A Watercolour Painting

Painted by water a shadow dances with light,
Colours move to the rhythm of a silent song,
This is where my reflection should belong,
Yet I cannot see myself in the mirror of night,
Blurred beyond recognition my real image lies,
Below any surface this world can contrive,
Into the depths of my mind it shall dive,
Broken by blustering ignorance it then dies.

Then it shall live far beyond your sight,
Perhaps you will hear it sing by your side,
On dark winter days and comfort deride,
Calling for any to join in the fight.
Maybe you’ll feel a gentle touch of calm,
Lulling your fears and bringing sleep,
Wrapped in dreams of memories so deep
They spread soothing hands holding a baby balm.

Just as one branch of a living tree,
Cannot mirror the whole so do I
Reflect only a part of my life as I pass by,
Time will give the full picture finally,
Let my roots hold me firm, as I must grow
Toward the light that forever dances,
Offering so many magical chances,
For heart and soul watercolours to show.

Know that the only thing that holds my thought in a positive way is waves of light, music and time.
Without them everything is chaos and I become mindless.
When they desert me I wish I were thoughtless, as I despise chaotic thought. Unfortunately my mind will not cease thinking even when it knows it will never produce anything worthy of the effort.
I am no watercolour painting.
I have enough tears for the water to paint the world around me.
I do not expect anyone to understand my thoughts behind these words but if they give anyone a picture made from their own thoughts they have succeeded beyond any of my dreams.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A few words may sing with a thousand voices for one picture

Impenetrable barrier of thorn,
Only the meek pass through or shelter within,
Let my words be carried on gentle airs,
Protected by sharp points of truth,
And sing to every dawn,
Building a home for the journey through life.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Heartfelt Wishes

This week's challenge set by Carly is to become a greeting card designer and the subject is

Holiday Greetings. Follow this link to join in the challenge and see other entries.

For 'extra credit' I wrote these Haiku to go with the photographic greeting.

When love’s music plays,
And a wandering heart stays,
Thought finds lasting ways.

When love sings your song,
Clearly heard above the throng,
Know where you belong.

When love holds your heart,
Journey’s end is just the start,
All pain will depart.

The Second Best

The dawn holds its’ breath; night still sings,
Winter’s curtain call waits for the queen
To finish dancing a dream so serene
Around the graceful trees she rings,
That they will always remember her songs,
And care for her music throughout the day,
And a whispering wind will gossip and say,
I have heard better in every way,
The trees smile and leave gold where it belongs.

I’ll continue to hear the songs of the night,
Wherever I go in whatever I see,
The music will play with and around me,
And thoughts will dance like shadows in the light,
If my song does not echo the truth I hear,
Blame my poor words that must always fail,
And shoot the messenger not the tale,
And I will reside within the last tear.

Then will I fade away like the morning dew,
Beyond the touch of a hard harsh world,
And fly unseen with colours unfurled,
Surrounded by the sounds that will renew
The love of music carried on silent waves,
Words will weave a rainbow of light,
Reflecting every shade caught in flight,
And within the mystery of the night
I’ll find the peace that my mind craves.

This photograph is of a reflection in water.

Toasted to a Crisp Served with Nuts

Here’s a toast to the songs that have yet to be sung,
Raise your glasses to the music yet to be heard,
By minds open to every stray sound and word,
They gather them in for a major peal to be rung,
Let the wine flow free and celebrate the singer,
Listen to the harmony that hovers around,
Hear the simple goodness that shall always abound,
And meet love in the melody and linger.

Know that you have heard the song before,
Remember beyond your memory’s range,
Then recognise everything that seems strange,
And realise that far less is greater than far more,
Lie under the shelter of thought with no bounds,
Feel in the smallest the largest worth,
See given in the lowest the highest birth,
And hear silence in horrendous sounds.

Then let every unworthy word die,
And kill the thought that gave it life,
Ignore wrong and it will become rife,
And within every unguarded action lie,
The easy road tempts with a cunning guile,
Paving the path with innocent’s pain,
Every footprint will leave an indelible stain,
And no truth will believe any empty denial.

Where do your footfalls imprint their song?
On the highlighted highway to hell or
Have you heard music that allows you to soar
Beyond anything imagined by any blind throng,
Never to touch the ground soiled and defiled
By arrogance walking in ignorant boots,
Without wisdom its’ knowledge innocence shoots,
And the child it kills in me remains free and wild.

Will this song ever be filled with every single chord,
Played to perfection by the best of the best,
So I may take a desperately needed rest,
And finally lay down beside this rusty sword,
Like a warrior defeated in battle, yet won the right
To speak with the words that still stand by me,
And spread truth that will set love free,
And lifts the veil of pride that blinds sight.

It might be Ivy

It creeps and crawls where light is poor,
Smothering everything on the ground,
Forever seeking something more,

It clings and climbs toward the sky
Using an unfortunate victim’s strength,
Tendrils growing to greater length,
Strangle the supporting host that will die,

It will never wear the crown,
That will always belong to the tree,
Even when fallen back down to the earth,
Brought down by a parasite’s excessive greed,

It will be left to creep and crawl where the light is poor,

The crown is returned to the earth.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

A Christmas Tree's Song

Land of snow reaches for the sky,
Touches the clouds as they pass by,
One stays around the tallest peak,
Held by a mountain that would seek,
To open the silver lining,
Now joined together entwining,
The ring of cloud will fly around,
The earthbound mountain heavens crowned.

Trees dressed by winter shining white,
Under the stars and bright moonlight,
Wait to be felled and taken down,
The mountain slopes and into town.
Carried on sleighs with bells ringing,
And the sound of people singing,
Joyful songs on a cold crisp air,
Through music happiness they share.

One tree is picked to travel far,
Westward guided by the North Star,
Across the sea to a fair isle,
A firm friend in days of deep trial.
It will be given pride of place,
Delight all with amazing grace,
And the sound of people singing,
Will through its branches be ringing.

Noble trees greet the holy night,
Faint echoes of a bright star’s light,
Like the mountain reached for the sky,
They touch the hearts of passers-by,
Giving joy to both young and old,
A Christmas message these trees hold,
And the sound of people singing,
Is joined by the church bells ringing.

Land of snow reach up to the sky,
Touch the clouds as they pass on by,
Hold one close with your tallest peak,
The silver lining that you seek,
Will dress you silently in white,
Under the stars and bright moonlight,
And the sound of angels singing,
Through the heavens will be ringing.

My Christmas tree reminds me of my favourite carol ‘In the bleak mid-winter’ although it seems that ‘I am dreaming of a White Christmas’.

Heartwood is Scarred for Life

A deep wound to the heart will leave a scar,
No re-growth can ever remove such a blow,
So the past pain will never show,
And no time the ugliness will bar.
The perpetrator of such a violent deed,
Will walk away wearing a lie,
Under that surface this act shall not die,
Disregard for others shall take the lead.
The sad fact is I search for a shield,
Throughout the long day and night,
To hide a weeping wound from sight,
With the magic wand that music can wield,
So none may see my colour is black,
I paint the words into pictures,
Framed with a song’s strictures,
It is only true talent that I lack.

So turn away from this echo of pain,
I have failed to ring with a lilting air,
A rainbow around this wound we share,
With a light that dances through the rain,
Unless you bring your imagination too,
Together we’ll circle a Greenwood tree,
A heartfelt healing song is set free,
And words beat a rhythm that’s new.

Then see every shade in a shadow’s tune,
For black no longer rules alone,
It holds everything light has shown,
And in the darkness a pattern is hewn
To carry waves of thought beyond now,
And lend an artist’s palette to the mind,
With brush strokes that will softly wind
A way through as far as time will allow.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Double Decker

We all look on life in individual ways,
But before believing any defeatist view,
Seek an alternative,
There is always an alternative path within an open mind.
Between the ‘Bellicose Belligerent Bird’ and ‘Moving Mountains’ there is no competition for my choice of the way I intend to go.


A Bellicose Belligerent Bird

When will this boat ever put out to sea?
Never if anyone ever bothers to ask me,
She is unsea-worthy and only a wreck,
Don’t climb that ladder onto her deck,
Unless you want nightmares to ruin your rest,
Pirates stole her treasure to put in their chest,
She will haunt you with stories relating only the truth,
And rob you of the innocence of youth.

She will speak of unspeakable deeds,
Of humans who grew like strangling weeds,
Without any flowers they choked on their greed,
To gather far more than they could ever need,
If you want to sleep and enjoy your dreams,
Don’t venture near she is not what she seems,
This ghost ship will wrap any lies round your neck,
Then throw you overboard, so don’t step on her deck.

She’ll not sail again with any false crew,
I’d take care where you climb if I were you,
For she will be launched by a stronger hand
Than any to be found in a pirate band,
The ocean she will sail will match every tear,
And her star will burn with every unspoken fear,
You will find yourself between water and fire,
And she’ll use both to destroy unworthy desire


Moving Mountains

Safely docked in her haven high and dry,
The boat looks through morning mist into the sky,
And silently sings to the bellicose bird,
All the sea shanties she has heard,
While sailing alone under cover of night,
Over oceans of memory, through tempest and storm,
Conquering mountains every shape and form,
Guided on the journey home by one star’s light.

Climb the ladder onto her deck and ride,
Waves of music that hold magic inside,
Call to the west wind to carry the song,
Far beyond the horizon and before long
Be the first to fly over the foaming wake,
A landlocked boat can still secretly make,
And share in the joy such freedom brings,
See an ocean echo what one star sings.

Monday, 15 December 2008

The Scales of Care

There are some that care for themselves.
There are some that care for their immediate family more than for their own life.
There are some that care for friends more than for their own life.
There are some that care for strangers more than for their own life.
Yes, there are some that would give everything including their life for a stranger.
Where do you and your life equal the weight on this scale?
Where is the belief in something greater than we can ever see or hear?
When will we ever begin to learn?
How little we know,
How little we care,
Except for the few who care enough to sacrifice everything they know.
This song is for them.

Limiting Storm Damage

Follow link to join in and view other entries.

'S' is for Storm damage

The storm raged through the long winter night,
And a sleeping giant was lost in the fight
Between the wind that howled as if in pain,
And the relentless pounding of driving rain.
The moon silently veiled her face,
And starlight seemed to fade without trace,
Closed to the heavens the earth below writhed,
Death stalked the land; an innocent was scythed.

The sun rises and the dawn is unlocked,
Safe passage along the pathway is blocked,
I must discover another route home,
Around the debris I ceaselessly roam,
Like a gypsy I move in music and song,
Where my heart leads I will now belong,
You are welcome to sing with me,
And picture the places that I shall see.

Through the days and nights that will follow,
I shall live each one for tomorrow,
Moments in time will safely hold my mind,
As around an idea thoughts weave and wind,
The storm has passed and the queen of the night
Returns to rule with her gentle light,
The silence that darkness now softly brings,
Gives my faith and hope love’s strong wings.

Rock-a-bye baby on Me

This is my entry to Blogger's Community Photo Challenge

This is my favourite Christmas ornament.
I have already written a song/carol for this photograph on Visual counterpoint here.

So will only add...

Rock-a-bye-baby on Blogger’s photo collage,
When the wind blows joyfully join in the charge!

Winter claims his Water Bride

This is my entry for this week's challenge Autumn meets Winter.
Please follow the link to join in (closure is 18th December) or view the other entries.

Winter marches across the water,
Gathering the fallen leaves in an icy grip,
That waves with the laughter of a new bride,
And holds memories of autumnal glory inside,
Trees are mirrored dipping fingers as if to sip,
Flowing champagne at the wedding of a daughter.

Soon lights will dance on a polished floor,
Sun and moon will show all their worth,
Stars will shine brighter than before,
Who could ever wish for more?
But as a veil falls on the sleeping earth,
She dreams of what spring has in store.

Silence is Golden

Every time I try to communicate I come up against a brick wall. The thoughts are there but I cannot translate them into words. Who built the brick wall?
I tried to build a wall to protect me from the pain. I failed miserably. Did I build the wall elsewhere?
This wall is built of bricks containing the lies, betrayal and dishonour that were laid at my door by other people’s actions.
I cannot breach it without the most stringent concentration to speak words only of truth, in support of others and with honour.
I cannot bear the thought of hurting anyone the way I have been hurt and permanently damaged by thoughtless lies and ignorance.
The knowledge that I have damaged comprehension puts a railing on top of the wall that I peer through in the hope that I will see the correct words to speak and write.
The view is misty.
Forgive my silence it is kindly meant.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Holiday Break

This is one of the photographs I took at Delamere forest. Some of the rest I have put on slideshows for my entry to the Round Robin Challenge. I saved the draft of this post some days ago so it now appears at
One Star

All of them are in a slideshow widget, a forest of photographs, at the bottom of the sidebar together with others taken at different times.

I will be taking a break from posting anything other than entries to some photographic challenges and finishing the mouse’s story on Stories between Friends.
Callie, my youngest dog, severely injured herself when I went to Delamere Forest. She has received very good Veterinary care and will make a full recovery. She ran onto a branch or something so sharp that it drove into her hind leg over 9 inches and has traumatised the muscles badly.
Both my dogs and I are suffering from claustrophobia with walks no longer on the daily timetable. I cannot steel myself to take only Chris out and leave Callie behind pining. I hope she will be able to manage small walks next week.
I hope everyone has a very good holiday and stays safe.


"At the centre of the Milky Way"
No decorated evergreen Christmas trees
Ever shone with dancing lights like these,
The mystery partner they circle in space,
Simply hides behind an unknown face,
The knowledge we possess only shows,
How little it is that mankind knows,
Who places the present here for us to open?
Who in the future will redeem this token?

The Season's Greetings

A puddle of water captured this image I merely photographed it.

The earth holds an echo
From a time long ago,
And a star is born,
Singing to the dawn,
Winter waves a wand,
And renews the bond
Between a heavenly light,
And a land in night.

Music fills the morning air,
With silent melodies so fair,
Bells ring in answer to the sound,
Rising from the frozen ground.

Dance to the rhythm’s beat,
See with joy death’s defeat,
In a song set free,
To shine happily
On this winter’s day,
And promise to stay
Holding a heavenly light,
Always within sight.

I wish all a very happy holiday.