Tuesday, 9 December 2008

First Love

Gamma-Ray Moon
Credit Dave Thompson (NASA/GSFC)

Hello beautiful, sailing through the night,
Wrapped in a shroud of heavenly light,
Far from Earth your lands may be,
We once stood upon your dark sea,
We were young with fantastic dreams,
Full of vitality and innocent schemes,
Gently woken, our lives touched by you,
We made those dreams come true.

Destined to travel along different roads,
Carefully carrying our separate loads,
Linked to memories of long warm days,
Always wishing you lighted his ways.
Tonight with you calmly reigning above,
How could I ever forget my first love?
Who should sleep such moments away?
Under your serene influence I stay.

My dreams have changed and so have I,
As under your light again I would lie,
Is your magic as strong as before?
Have I the right to expect any more?
Can I believe with the faith of youth?
Can I bear to know the simple truth?
Or have I wandered far too far away
For the child in me to live today.

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