Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Payment is due

I wrote this in November 2007 but only gave it the title today.

England, O my poor proud England!
Where’s your honour that people died for?
Where is your law that people cried for?
When will the truth be seen to stand?

Your honour is lost among thieves,
Lawmen are now the lawbreakers,
Truth buried by lies of takers,
That ignorance often believes.

Your earth groans under our litter,
The stars laugh at our weak attempt
To compete, shine on in contempt,
Winter will result so bitter.

The energy we waste you need,
To nurture future children well,
Sheer greed protesting voices quell,
We accumulate debt indeed.

Who pays the piper of our tune?
Screamed as loud as air will allow,
We want it all; we want it now,
Our children will discover soon.

We must lift our eyes to the stars,
Where our ultimate future lies,
But keep you safe under blue skies,
From this crib we look through the bars.

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