Thursday, 4 December 2008

True friendship is like an evergreen tree

Two stand like guardians in the dawn light,
At their feet green fingers turn to gold,
Memory of the moon silver trees enfold,
Mist rises like the last sigh of the night.
Autumn passes the land into winter’s care,
Many will sleep under the evergreen eye,
While low in the sky the sun does lie,
A true song to strong friends I share.

While winds howl through a naked tree,
An evergreen sings with a stronger voice,
Courage always stands to control choice,
Faith looks further and leaps with loyalty,
And discovers an end is always a start,
Hope never rests away from home,
And the journey through which we roam,
Love beats the rhythm of a living heart.

1 comment:

Solitary Dancer said...

Thank you, my friend. This is just beautiful!!!!