Monday, 15 December 2008

Silence is Golden

Every time I try to communicate I come up against a brick wall. The thoughts are there but I cannot translate them into words. Who built the brick wall?
I tried to build a wall to protect me from the pain. I failed miserably. Did I build the wall elsewhere?
This wall is built of bricks containing the lies, betrayal and dishonour that were laid at my door by other people’s actions.
I cannot breach it without the most stringent concentration to speak words only of truth, in support of others and with honour.
I cannot bear the thought of hurting anyone the way I have been hurt and permanently damaged by thoughtless lies and ignorance.
The knowledge that I have damaged comprehension puts a railing on top of the wall that I peer through in the hope that I will see the correct words to speak and write.
The view is misty.
Forgive my silence it is kindly meant.

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