Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A Watercolour Painting

Painted by water a shadow dances with light,
Colours move to the rhythm of a silent song,
This is where my reflection should belong,
Yet I cannot see myself in the mirror of night,
Blurred beyond recognition my real image lies,
Below any surface this world can contrive,
Into the depths of my mind it shall dive,
Broken by blustering ignorance it then dies.

Then it shall live far beyond your sight,
Perhaps you will hear it sing by your side,
On dark winter days and comfort deride,
Calling for any to join in the fight.
Maybe you’ll feel a gentle touch of calm,
Lulling your fears and bringing sleep,
Wrapped in dreams of memories so deep
They spread soothing hands holding a baby balm.

Just as one branch of a living tree,
Cannot mirror the whole so do I
Reflect only a part of my life as I pass by,
Time will give the full picture finally,
Let my roots hold me firm, as I must grow
Toward the light that forever dances,
Offering so many magical chances,
For heart and soul watercolours to show.

Know that the only thing that holds my thought in a positive way is waves of light, music and time.
Without them everything is chaos and I become mindless.
When they desert me I wish I were thoughtless, as I despise chaotic thought. Unfortunately my mind will not cease thinking even when it knows it will never produce anything worthy of the effort.
I am no watercolour painting.
I have enough tears for the water to paint the world around me.
I do not expect anyone to understand my thoughts behind these words but if they give anyone a picture made from their own thoughts they have succeeded beyond any of my dreams.

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Neas Nuttiness said...

All the pictures are great, but I especially like the last one.
Beautiful Words.