Thursday, 30 October 2008

Keltic Lament

Image credit Dougy.

I wrote this song for my friend that lives on Orkney. He and his wife have had a rough year.
It was inspired by ‘Keltic Lament’ by John Foulds and can be sung to that melody although I do not for one moment claim it improves the moving music.

There’s a land surrounded with water that touches the sky,
Where the stars seem to shine more brightly as they wheel by,
There’s a land where the music will sound across the sea,
And there is where I’ll seek a home and peaceful harmony,
This land ever waits with a melody that’s old,
No voice ever sung such a symphony so bold,
Listen well it will call through the ages down to you,
It will tell tales of courage and hearts remaining true.

Where the cold winter days are short and nights are long,
And around a warming fireside there’s many sing a song,
Where a midsummer sun does not leave the sky at night,
And the moon is overwhelmed by the strength of his light,
Winds blow from the west across an ocean deep,
Giants from the depths rise and from the waters leap,
With a cry a white bird soars against a pale blue sky,
This is the land where I would rest and stay until I die.

This land ever waits with a melody that’s old,
No voice ever sung such a symphony so bold,
Listen well it will call through the ages down to you,
It will tell tales of courage and hearts remaining true.

For more pictures taken by Dougy see his website Snorri's Place.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Mellow Fruitfulness

My words hang on the clean morning air,
Like smiling ghosts that seemingly dare
To enjoy the music of a new season’s sun,
Sparkling with delight and dancing for fun,
Laughing and singing under bright rays,
Welcoming colourful autumnal days.

I see for a moment what is always there,
My breath sweeping into still morning air,
Carried before me on waves of sound,
Thoughts sail on a song their destiny found,
To live an allotted time in a chorus of voices,
Discovering chances and exploring choices.

Now whenever I speak I will always see
My words floating on melody away from me,
Distant yet still a part of my mind,
Never to leave their birthplace behind,
Forever playing the roles they’ve been given,
A record of thought made that cannot be riven.

Let the many songs I sing always be
Pleasing to the listener and like a symphony,
That varies with movements slow and fast,
Carry the emotions, in which they are cast,
Joy, happiness, anger and sorrow,
All have a place today for tomorrow.

Monday, 27 October 2008


Stromness (Hamnavoe) Harbour, Orkney.

Passing thoughts run wild through my mind
Like a river in flood, flowing
To an ocean memory, growing
Stronger, as with others they bind
The present with moments long past,
With such a torrent of regret
Where can satisfaction reside?
Where will overwhelming guilt hide?
Could future deeds settle the debt?

Who can swim against such a tide?
Like a salmon returning home
From deep waters, no more to roam
But fight to finally abide.
The beginning becomes the end,
A circle is closed and time takes
End to a beginning, then wakes
New life for courage to defend.

So send shafts of steel high and wide,
Build a haven between straight poles,
Round which wind and rain merely rolls,
Lay brick on brick their strength as guide,
Sing the song an open mind heard,
Hold unconquered love wide and high,
A heart full of hope shall not sigh,
Watch a home grow with every word.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Who turned out the Light?

Who turned out the light?
A child is now sleeping,
And angels are keeping
Guard through this dark night.

Did you hear the cries?
The wind demands to know,
Lightening shafts show
Where silence now lies.

Did you see the tears?
Without any end flow,
Bathing bruises below
Eyes haunted by fears.

Through the falling rain,
A dream is set free,
And you shall never see
This child’s like again.

I wrote this in response to posts on .Indigo's journal I have no photograph to upload but the words paint the picture. Please use the link and read her words.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Beyond Light Speed

Steal softly into the lingering night,
Walk under stars displaying their might,
A waning moon sings to a morning air,
The sun slumbers in his autumnal lair,
Touch summer’s last sigh in a breathless breeze,
Hear winter whisper through the weary trees.

Time holds the shadows of yesterday,
Let us hear what its’ light had to say,
The worm can be caught by the early bird,
Wisdom is captured by an unspoken word,
The best composers take the past and bring today
Such music that tomorrow shall always play,

I have heard the music that can rise above pain,
I have been given a chance to live again,
My song is buried in betrayal and lies,
Yet my words will live until all truth dies…

Monday, 20 October 2008


This may not rhyme but give it time
To tell a tale that’s full of woe,
There was once a brave tall ship,
Sailing where no one has gone before,
Carrying a precious virtual dream,
Fighting her way against the stream,
Always opening the next locked door,
Only trying her level best to equip
Leaders so that they might show
Loyalty and honour is the way to go,
Instead the ship was loaded with rats,
I know about them they feed on waste,
Then in lean times desert their host,
And I know which I loathe the most,
Of incessant greed of rats or their taste,
Lies and rumours, betrayal by blind bats,
Hide your guilt and desert this dream,
Float away on a faster running stream,
Who is your Captain? Are they fit to lead?
What are their laws? Can they even read?
What will you do when the north wind blows?
Seek another ship? Where? Who cares or even knows?
This ship may die, but I will stay,
If only her requiem to silently say,
You tried your best that is all any can do,
Rest in peace; let me lie alongside you.
And when the sun sets on your voyage of discovery,
Only your lights will be left behind,
Leaving a trail for truth and recovery,

Life after Death

Old dying tree
Should I cry for thee?
Oh no! Nor should anyone weep for me.
Your stature shows,
In your death throws,
What you have seen only heaven knows,

With new light won,
A sapling, your son,
Has been watching everything you’ve done.
The future’s called him,
From the forest floor dim,
With time he will match you, limb for limb.
A child I see,
And my thoughts shall be,
That he shall grow even greater than thee.

Friday, 17 October 2008

To anyone following this blog

I am restricing myself to one blog only because I am finding the stress of everyday living almost more than I can bear.

I have chosen Stories between Friends for three reasons:-
1. The stories have already been written.
2. All I have to do is produce the illustrations in Paint to accompany them and that is relaxing therapy for me.
3. The stories say everything I would like to be able to say in the other two blogs if you read between the lines.
4. Any other reasons are welcome.

I will continue to follow all the blogs on my list although I may not comment, as I am increasingly aware that my comprehension is faulty and I would not like to upset anyone with anything I might say in error.

Take care my friends, it is a dangerous world.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Dark Magic

Shadows can only be created by light,
Linking all we see to the unseen hidden by night,
Watch them dance like autumn leaves
Held in the arms of a bold handsome breeze,
Hear them whisper echoes from the past,
Touch them gently and their magic will last,
Listen and hear their song from the deepest well
Rise on unwritten music and the future foretell.

Come with me to a world far away from here,
Where imagination has the power to dry every tear,
Let your thoughts fly free and far above any pain,
Ride higher than all black clouds and any rain,
Call to the moon and ask her to remember all you say,
Look to the stars to show you their own secret way,
Stand in the sun with your shadow singing clearer,
Bringing the unknown from the night ever nearer.

Light creates shadows so we may always know,
We can safely touch what the darkness can show,
Let a velvet night softly hold your dream high,
The stars will sing of courage as they wheel by,
The moon will always echo the light she receives,
Creating a softer shadow before she leaves
That remains wedded to any true word or thought,
And caries a message that can never be bought.

Mystery lies beyond the wave of a rainbow,
Darkness calls so the light of knowledge may grow,
Imagine a dance in space to the beat of Time,
Hear the silent music that shadow players mime,
Don’t leave your flowers decorating the wall,
Take them onto the floor of this fantasy ball,
Where they will create shadows with their light,
For all to watch dance with the secrets of the night.
I wrote this for Halloween but a very good friend in America is feeling very low so this is for her and anyone else who is depressed with the news at the moment.

Monday, 13 October 2008

A Sting in the Tale

Nettles prepare to flower, tall and high,
Feathery fronds dance their way to the sky
As if defending themselves whatever the cost,
So their way of life should not be lost,
It would seem to me that I stand alone,
Fighting a lost battle, my heart turning to stone.
Shadows like many things pass unheard,
Unless they copy the song of a small brown bird,
Words written in black would try to wake
Colour within this white page for love’s sake.
The silence of night passes and I rise again,
The challenge of a new day wipes away any gain,
I must find a different path to dance along,
New thoughts determining the words of a song
That I will sing to drown the repeated cries
From deep within my mind where despair lies.
Bring on the trumpeter for the dawn,
Let him play loudly his farmyard horn,
Bring on the chorus to greet the new day,
Let them all sing in their own special way.
I demand my thoughts stay to stand and deliver,
Then run for their life like a fast flowing river
On a never ending race, ever onward home
Into the deep ocean where memories roam,
Where I will sail any time that I choose,
Not one of any worth shall I ever lose.
What is madness but this short life of ours?
That takes our youth with all its’ powers,
Burdens it with stress beyond belief,
Ending brave dreams, bringing new grief.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Decisions, Decisions

I have decided to stay with Visual Counterpoint for all future posts.

I have heard a rumour, which I hope is utterly unfounded, that AOL will cease as a provider in 2009. If this occurs I will not be seeking another provider. I have battled to cope with the changes in my life but I will not try to unravel the workings of a totally different internet connection.

So AOL please do not throw in the towel I need it for my travels...

Alphabetti Spaghetti

This is an unsung, unheard, simple song,
That aims to put some adjectives where they belong,
Disappointed is low on the emotional chart,
Disgusted beats it for sheer negative art,
Enlightened should shine with a new bright light,
Enchanted should only be allowed at night,
Fearful is frightening in all its’ forms,
Ferocious is feared when delivered in storms,
Goodly may not be recognised in these troubled days,
Graceful may not be seen in her quiet ways,
Happy tries to overcome all endured pain,
Hopeful supports the present promising to return again,
Injurious stains indelibly the soul from where it stems,
Implacable surrounds all heaven sent gems,
Juvenile laughs and sings without care,
Just gives deserved rewards for any who dare,
Kindly speaks softly to adult or child,
Kosher is correct, law-abiding never wild,
Laborious drags every discordant word into line,
Lamentable regrets their voice and mourns with music divine,
Measly, ridiculously small, is worthless to most,
Moist will wet the eyes of the hardest host,
Needless goes without saying, as it is never called for,
Nuttiest sees beyond the horizon to an unknown shore,
Opposable faces and can touch the other side,
Operational is ready to open doors wide,
Plaintive expresses sorrow for what has occurred,
Profound describes the depth of despair endured,
Quarrelsome disputes all statements made,
Queenly with serenity all arguments fade,
Raw naturally upsets any smooth state,
Reflective improves any serious debate,
Scandinavian from Old Norse is descent,
Selfish toward itself is always bent,
Toasty is comfortably warm like wine,
Tolerable will be endured until better times shine,
Unaccountable will never be found at fault,
Uncompromising will call an idiot a dolt,
Venomous inflicts poison by any means it can,
Verbal is never written yet it can literally inhumane actions ban,
Warrantable is old enough to be hunted if it’s a stag,
Wedded remains obstinately attached and keeps the cat in a bag,
Xenophobic dislikes anything it does not know,
X- rated is indecent with anything it can show,
Yellow is a colour between orange and green,
Yearly only once every twelve months is seen,
Zippy is fast, lively and soon past,
Zoic holds pictures of life so they will last.
Where are Adorable, Beautiful, and Cutie so full of charm?
Safely hidden from any conspiracy, malice or harm.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

AOL journal transfer

I have transferred my AOL journal Pictures Within Pictures so anyone who did not see previous posts can read them.

I have not yet decided which blog I will use for future posts. I would like to know which title my friends prefer. Unfortunately I do not know how to set up a poll so if you wish to give your vote please do so in comments.

(Counterpoint is a musical term for two tunes or themes playing alongside each other and is the one I prefer)

Short and Sweet

Lengthening sunbeams shine a spotlight on the stage,
Green, red and gold dances to autumnal airs,
The water laughs in the colour she wears,
The ghost of a smile is caught by a fleeting image.
A tree sings a song of an age yet to come,
A waterfall of fire cascades from the sky,
The narrow boat slowly passes by,
Lending the scene the sound of a distant drum.

The swan wakes the water with silver light,
A suspended droplet like a jewel glistens,
Silent music plays, a patient earth listens,
The sun settles on the water in a pool of white,
A fisherman tells his fascinating tales,
About the ones that always got away,
Let no one disbelieve what he may say,
Such stories tip the true balance of any scales.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A Dove and a Ring

Vengeance is mine, said the Lord,
I will repay.
Your lies and deceit and greed,
You abuse your powers in deed.
You’re heartless betrayers of trust,
All will finally come to dust.
The innocent you have harmed,
He will not be charmed
By your arrogant selfish ways,
The way you used precious days
Blind and deaf to distress
Caused by your actions no less,
Love my children, said the Lord,
With them I stay.

Better to be never born, said the Lord,
Than harm a child of mine,
Your injustice is harming many
As you grab every possible penny,
Deprived children then copy you,
Becoming greedy and selfish too,
Some turn to the gun to obtain,
Their share of immoral gain,
Some unable to compete,
Turn to drink and drugs to complete
Lost lives, by dulling pain,
And inadequate feelings reign.
Love my children, said the Lord,
They need time to mature like wine.

Faith, hope and love, said the Lord,
The greatest of these is love.
Love, like truth, you do not defeat,
Hate and lies cannot compete,
Support our children as they learn,
Hear their dreams, for which they yearn,
Understand, your moral code
Sets the scene for their road,
They need leaders to gently show
How truth and love can grow,
The future of Man is in their hands,
So is peace for all our lands.
The greatest of all is love, said the Lord,
The wisest bird, a dove.

The photo was taken through the window of the conservatory so it is very poor. The ringdoves that visit my bird table are very shy. The vertical bars were added to the table to try to stop the fat pigeons eating all the food and so far do deter most of them!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Pearl Diving

Image credit DOUGY

If I could learn to write in words you’ll understand,
Perhaps they might help you find your special way,
To gather personal strength; keep temptation’s trap at bay,
For whatever you are fighting offer a supporting hand,
Especially for those that I will never meet,
Struggling with the stresses of a busy modern life,
Feeling like some butter under a red hot knife,
Trying hard to cope; running from defeat.

If I could write the music I’ve seen, smelled, tasted and heard,
Touch your heart with warmth on the longest, coldest day,
Thoughts electrically running in loops might lead to a way,
That could draw you safely onward like a migrating bird,
Magnetic lines of force holding you, a shield against friction,
Destructive compulsions repelled, obstacles evaded,
Confusion for order, disarray for harmony traded,
My score would be a work of pure entertaining fiction.

The never ending thread of my imagination,
Weaving a melodic rhapsody around a simple theme,
Bringing laughter and delight with variations in a stream
Of notes held between lines in suspended animation,
My words would lie in wait to capture your unguarded thought,
Like morning dew on a spider’s web, pearls on lace,
Precious drops from the ocean of life, pathways retrace,
Not always what I’d wished for, not always what I’d sought.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Home~ The Journey

I have started a new blog at Home~the Journey

This will be in the form of a diary although I won't be posting entries daily.

It may help you to get to know me better as I search for what makes me 'tick'

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Home, the Journey

Together we are both stronger,
And carry our burden high,
Striding under a blue sky,
O’er water, alone no longer,
A green carpet grows at our feet,
We sing today for tomorrow,
Our ways anyone can borrow,
At sunset our shadows will meet.

Under the stars at night we stand,
To this moment we belong,
Water carries our silent song,
Beneath the moon, over the land,
Airs will echo with silent waves
Music played by a passing thought,
Within invisible threads caught,
Then memory holds and saves.

Watch as we dance over the earth,
The sun paints everything we’ve seen,
A river of light flows between,
And touches with the warmth of mirth
Barriers made of wood and steel,
Reach for the dream that waits for you,
Listen and to your song be true,
All grow toward the light they feel.

Stories Between Friends

I have started another blog Stories between Friends
The first story is a fishy tale...
Episode one is up.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Small is Enough

This post is for tomorrow. I am taking a day off.

Hello little tree, with you a while I’ll stay,
Gold and green fingers dipping, feeling,
Mirror images shadow dancing, reeling,
Touch loosened and lost, floating away.
Sailing on rolling ripples of bright starlight,
Over radiating targets around rugged rocks,
Riding rough waters, shooting rapid shocks,
A fantastic flight, a fascinating sight.

You send messengers on a perilous voyage,
With unswerving valour they forge ahead,
Into the unknown with signs to be read,
By those who would gaze upon your world stage.
Each drops like a tear to join with its’ image,
Together they travel to the last long day,
And finally find rest where many now lay,
Enriching food for life none can disparage.

You will grow stronger and taller year by year,
Your branches ever longer silently weep,
Golden tears for lives wasted, held cheap,
For innocent children living in poverty and fear.
Tragedy will be held in your beauty and grace,
Reminding us goodness shall never be lost,
It belongs to one, who doesn’t count cost,
I humbly gaze upon a wise, loving face.

My Mind's Haven

Acrylic painting (the only one of mine hanging on my wall!)

I’m in my haven, what do I see,
The sea, the sea, coming for me,
I hear the waves crashing on rocks,
This is the place my heart locks,
I hear the gulls’ plaintive cry,
I see them wheeling against a blue sky,
I will be there, soon, by and by,
This is the place I’ll go when I die.

My haven’s a river, flowing free,
Water is safely holding me,
I’ve travelled far, I’ve further to go,
With much to see, hear, feel and know,
My life is running a simple straight course,
Birth to death; time the driving force,
With space to explore large and small,
Until I reach destiny’s call.

Image credit ROB

This verse I’ll write when far from you,
Over the horizon, out of view,
I’ve not the words to give you now,
Where I go the future will allow,
Stand on a beach, look out to sea,
Hear wind and waves carry song to thee,
Lift your eyes up to the skies above,
Look everywhere, find and hold love.

A Rainbow's Promise

When ignorance and arrogance combine,
They will sour the best vintage wine,
Poison the ground, on which we stand,
Their deafening sound destroys the land,
Blind to the consequences of selfish acts,
Their greed continues until reason reacts.

Lost chances cry of the waste and the cost,
The present weeps for what the past has lost,
The future holds a light and calls for strength,
The queen of the night sings of love at length,
The past echoes with experience gained,
The water washes what error soiled and stained.

From the fallen tears a new way will spring,
Let us grasp the wisdom knowledge can bring,
Stand firm today, resolve to improve more,
Forever stay searching for tomorrow’s door,
Remember the flame that will always burn
Brightly within so we may continue to learn.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

For Friendship

I would like to paint the picture
Of forgiveness for the past,
So you could know our friendship
Was strong enough to last,
I would like to paint a picture
To show how much I care,
So you would see the burden
That I willingly bear,
I would like to paint the picture
Of truth and loyalty,
So you could hold them close
And know that you were free,
I would like to paint the picture
Of love,
But that, my friend, is beyond me
I cannot even reflect such a light from above.

I can only paint
In every shade of grey,
So you might see the white
Behind anything I say,
I can only paint
The notes that live in my heart,
So we may learn to know each other
And then never part.
I can only paint
An outline faint and weak,
So let us help each other
Find what we all should seek,
My friend, I need your help
Let us not accept defeat,
So pick up your brush and
Together, a picture we’ll complete.

Soft Option

Hope this gives you a smile friends!
The mutt is called Callie, my other dog Chris is far too old for even soft toys!

I should be stroked and cuddled,
Not attacked from all sides,
By the mutt that here resides,
Common sense decides,
My role has been seriously muddled,

Look what the wild haggis bore,
Major surgery to repair
What she did to the pair,
And now I declare
They patiently await even more,

I’m not sure they will speak again,
Their squeak’s in the hand
Of this vet in England,
That may not understand,
The voice that they need to retain.

And there is a bright yellow sheep,
With the brains not to run,
Before her roundup’s begun,
That son of a gun
His ‘Golden Fleece’ with luck will keep.

She’s sleeping like a baby in her bed,
Hush! Don’t make a sound,
For dreams she’s renowned,
By now she’ll have found,
Imaginary animals to play with instead.

I hope you all have time to smile today.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Dance in Time

I have moved from J-land where my journal was Pictures-within-pictures. Photographs accompanied by songs I have written.
My name is Liz and I am a retired Veterinary Surgeon.
I do not know how to add links or any of the fancy ways for anyone to contact me other than by e-mailing me

I will try to learn.

The sea calls me I must return,
And once again lick salty lips,
For cries of wheeling gulls I yearn,
And sight of heeling sailing ships,
To watch white horses play and prance,
Surge forward then with backward flips,
Recoil and return to the dance,
See early morning soft mists rise,
Explore sights and sounds to entrance,
A rock pool world at my feet lies,
On sunlight marbled floor shrimp hide,
Anemone from my touch shies,
Around the horizon is wide.

I will search between sea and sky,
For the ship that will come for me,
Riding waves that will never die,
She’ll rise and fall assuredly,
And throughout the darkest cold hours,
A soothing lullaby will be,
My dreams will bring me strange powers,
Is my white horse a unicorn?
That I will ride on wave’s towers,
Into an unknown bright new dawn,
Will I land on some distant shore?
And find the clothes I should have worn?
With the key that opens my door.

Walk on sands that in ages past,
Had been life in oceans of earth,
Now a reminder that will last,
All things journey to death from birth,
Pick wet polished pebbles that speak,
Of mountains crushed by water’s mirth,
From rugged crag to highest peak,
Risen from a molten rock core,
They will return and the deep seek,
Diving below the ocean floor,
Only to await a new chance,
To rise and conquer air once more,
The grounds we walk on also dance.