Monday, 20 October 2008


This may not rhyme but give it time
To tell a tale that’s full of woe,
There was once a brave tall ship,
Sailing where no one has gone before,
Carrying a precious virtual dream,
Fighting her way against the stream,
Always opening the next locked door,
Only trying her level best to equip
Leaders so that they might show
Loyalty and honour is the way to go,
Instead the ship was loaded with rats,
I know about them they feed on waste,
Then in lean times desert their host,
And I know which I loathe the most,
Of incessant greed of rats or their taste,
Lies and rumours, betrayal by blind bats,
Hide your guilt and desert this dream,
Float away on a faster running stream,
Who is your Captain? Are they fit to lead?
What are their laws? Can they even read?
What will you do when the north wind blows?
Seek another ship? Where? Who cares or even knows?
This ship may die, but I will stay,
If only her requiem to silently say,
You tried your best that is all any can do,
Rest in peace; let me lie alongside you.
And when the sun sets on your voyage of discovery,
Only your lights will be left behind,
Leaving a trail for truth and recovery,

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