Thursday, 9 October 2008

Short and Sweet

Lengthening sunbeams shine a spotlight on the stage,
Green, red and gold dances to autumnal airs,
The water laughs in the colour she wears,
The ghost of a smile is caught by a fleeting image.
A tree sings a song of an age yet to come,
A waterfall of fire cascades from the sky,
The narrow boat slowly passes by,
Lending the scene the sound of a distant drum.

The swan wakes the water with silver light,
A suspended droplet like a jewel glistens,
Silent music plays, a patient earth listens,
The sun settles on the water in a pool of white,
A fisherman tells his fascinating tales,
About the ones that always got away,
Let no one disbelieve what he may say,
Such stories tip the true balance of any scales.


Aul said...

woow fishing I like fishing too ...

Solitary Dancer said...

Just beautiful. We are just beginning to see the color change for Fall. I hope to get some nice pics this year.