Monday, 27 October 2008


Stromness (Hamnavoe) Harbour, Orkney.

Passing thoughts run wild through my mind
Like a river in flood, flowing
To an ocean memory, growing
Stronger, as with others they bind
The present with moments long past,
With such a torrent of regret
Where can satisfaction reside?
Where will overwhelming guilt hide?
Could future deeds settle the debt?

Who can swim against such a tide?
Like a salmon returning home
From deep waters, no more to roam
But fight to finally abide.
The beginning becomes the end,
A circle is closed and time takes
End to a beginning, then wakes
New life for courage to defend.

So send shafts of steel high and wide,
Build a haven between straight poles,
Round which wind and rain merely rolls,
Lay brick on brick their strength as guide,
Sing the song an open mind heard,
Hold unconquered love wide and high,
A heart full of hope shall not sigh,
Watch a home grow with every word.

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Indigo said...

I love coming here, your poetry always soothes me. (Hugs)Indigo