Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A Dove and a Ring

Vengeance is mine, said the Lord,
I will repay.
Your lies and deceit and greed,
You abuse your powers in deed.
You’re heartless betrayers of trust,
All will finally come to dust.
The innocent you have harmed,
He will not be charmed
By your arrogant selfish ways,
The way you used precious days
Blind and deaf to distress
Caused by your actions no less,
Love my children, said the Lord,
With them I stay.

Better to be never born, said the Lord,
Than harm a child of mine,
Your injustice is harming many
As you grab every possible penny,
Deprived children then copy you,
Becoming greedy and selfish too,
Some turn to the gun to obtain,
Their share of immoral gain,
Some unable to compete,
Turn to drink and drugs to complete
Lost lives, by dulling pain,
And inadequate feelings reign.
Love my children, said the Lord,
They need time to mature like wine.

Faith, hope and love, said the Lord,
The greatest of these is love.
Love, like truth, you do not defeat,
Hate and lies cannot compete,
Support our children as they learn,
Hear their dreams, for which they yearn,
Understand, your moral code
Sets the scene for their road,
They need leaders to gently show
How truth and love can grow,
The future of Man is in their hands,
So is peace for all our lands.
The greatest of all is love, said the Lord,
The wisest bird, a dove.

The photo was taken through the window of the conservatory so it is very poor. The ringdoves that visit my bird table are very shy. The vertical bars were added to the table to try to stop the fat pigeons eating all the food and so far do deter most of them!

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