Friday, 3 October 2008

A Rainbow's Promise

When ignorance and arrogance combine,
They will sour the best vintage wine,
Poison the ground, on which we stand,
Their deafening sound destroys the land,
Blind to the consequences of selfish acts,
Their greed continues until reason reacts.

Lost chances cry of the waste and the cost,
The present weeps for what the past has lost,
The future holds a light and calls for strength,
The queen of the night sings of love at length,
The past echoes with experience gained,
The water washes what error soiled and stained.

From the fallen tears a new way will spring,
Let us grasp the wisdom knowledge can bring,
Stand firm today, resolve to improve more,
Forever stay searching for tomorrow’s door,
Remember the flame that will always burn
Brightly within so we may continue to learn.


Indigo said...

This is a beautiful, eloquent description of the past week for the end of the day there is beauty to be found. I found it here! Thank you! (Hugs)Indigo

Janice said...

Indigo said it so well...beautiful, poetry and pictures.