Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Pearl Diving

Image credit DOUGY

If I could learn to write in words you’ll understand,
Perhaps they might help you find your special way,
To gather personal strength; keep temptation’s trap at bay,
For whatever you are fighting offer a supporting hand,
Especially for those that I will never meet,
Struggling with the stresses of a busy modern life,
Feeling like some butter under a red hot knife,
Trying hard to cope; running from defeat.

If I could write the music I’ve seen, smelled, tasted and heard,
Touch your heart with warmth on the longest, coldest day,
Thoughts electrically running in loops might lead to a way,
That could draw you safely onward like a migrating bird,
Magnetic lines of force holding you, a shield against friction,
Destructive compulsions repelled, obstacles evaded,
Confusion for order, disarray for harmony traded,
My score would be a work of pure entertaining fiction.

The never ending thread of my imagination,
Weaving a melodic rhapsody around a simple theme,
Bringing laughter and delight with variations in a stream
Of notes held between lines in suspended animation,
My words would lie in wait to capture your unguarded thought,
Like morning dew on a spider’s web, pearls on lace,
Precious drops from the ocean of life, pathways retrace,
Not always what I’d wished for, not always what I’d sought.


Andy said...

Lovely words and pictures

Indigo said...

Perfect words, to soothe my troubled mind these days. (Hugs)Indigo