Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Branch Out

'BRANCH OUT' From Visual Counterpoint

The branch braves the blue beyond,
And into the future the blossom blooms,
Shadows cast a warning shade,
Held within Time’s numerous rooms.

Many will be born to die this day,
The fight to exist is in the genes,
That weaves a web to create a way,
Through all life’s wondrous scenes.

Seize a moment and send it straight,
Speeding through the wind of change,
Like an arrow guided by a feather’s touch,
No target is beyond imagination’s range.

Caste your dreams into the blue beyond,
There the sky holds chance unseen,
Blinded by light all ignorance falls,
As history recalls where it has been.

Enfin Finesse

'FORGET-ME-NOT' From Visual Counterpoint

Who will read the words?
Who will play the music?
Who will light the fire?
Who will gather the ashes?
Who will stand unmoved?
Who, but those I love,

Strange but true,
Strange but beautiful,
Strange but,

Where the unknown lives,
Where the unknown lies,
Where are answers?

Who will write the words?
Who will compose music?
Who will light the fire?
Who will see stars in the ashes?
Who will stand still and move the earth?
Who, but those I love,

'AND I WILL LIVE AGAIN' From Visual Counterpoint

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Greatest Love

'THE GREATEST LOVE' From Visual Counterpoint

To care for yourself is written in your genes,
To care for your family is written in your heart,
To care for a stranger is written in your soul,

To give your life for yourself is a travesty of love,
To give your life for your family is a tragedy of love,
To give your life for a stranger is the greatest love.

We are born with our genes,
We are born to listen to our hearts,
We can only seek our souls.

Found Rising

'FOUND RISING' From Visual Counterpoint

The night wraps starlight around my toes,
The darkness touches my face with grace,
The silence holds music my memory knows,
Time marches on to eternities’ pace.
Where is the moment that stops the heartbeat?
Is it lost within the heat of the race?
Or when all around dance to defeat,
Found rising under the rain of falling feet?

The air is thick with memories that fly,
Fast and furious, slow and serene,
Both unperturbed by the sound of a cry
That would awaken them to a future scene,
The lack of light is lost in the dark,
None are interested in where they have been,
All would seek a notable mark,
Found rising in the song of the lark,

The dawn holds the secrets of the night,
The sunlight touches my face with hope,
Music holds silence born from insight,
Time treads down a slippery slope,
Dance with the moment that calls your heart,
But remember to throw your life a rope
If all sense you mean to depart,
Found rising sensibility is a start.

Thursday, 18 March 2010


'DROWNING' From Visual Counterpoint

The sea holds the beginning and the end of the journey,
The sky plays with answers within future’s sight,
The earth gives strength to life so all might seek,
The depth in darkness and the height of light,
This song will live as long as the river,
That carries the music flows to the sea,
While seeking the words to describe the journey,
Between the land and a sky defending the free.

The rain will fall and the water will flow,
No eyes will see the heart of the storm,
That beats a path through memory’s store,
And claims the only lasting form
For love: forget the unforgiving past,
Dismiss the present that calls too loud,
Look beyond the horizon for silence to show,
One that stands out from the crowd.

Then your eyes will be open to the sound,
That seems to wrap around every spark
Of light: while running away with time,
And marries that elusive definitive mark.
Beat the base drum so all may hear,
The rhythm that lives to carry the dream,
Far beyond anything we understand,
While music plays with the air in the stream.

Love is a River

'RIVER RUN' From Visual Counterpoint

Running shallow where memory’s call
To the brave
Sings to save,
And dies in the attempt to give all.

Running deep where memory’s touch
Holds the strength,
Steals the length,
And refuses any artificial crutch.

Running scared where memory cries
Tears of joy,
To outlive the ploy,
Of pain portrayed by lingering lies.

Running where memory is yet to be,
Carving a way,
And only Time will stay,
Waiting to greet both you and me.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Fire in a Winter Sky

Light has no option but to herald spring, promise summer and foretell autumn while a blue winter sky reigns supreme from horizon to horizon.
'THE BATON HELD HIGH' From Visual Counterpoint

The baton is held high and waits to conduct the music for the clouds that will careen across the ballroom and call to the leaping lambs to join in the dance.

'HANDS UP' From Visual Counterpoint

The crowns that will crowd the summer scene, like skeletons hold bare hands up to a clear winter sky.

'BEND DON'T BREAK' From Visual Counterpoint

The bare branches that might break under this cold stare carry an echo that will be heard again when they bend back to the earth with her bounty.

'BLACKBIRD SONG' From Visual Counterpoint

This open winter sky allows the light from the sun and stars to fall on earth from horizon to horizon.
Both may seem cold yet bring all the fire the future holds for the blackbird's song.

Friday, 5 March 2010

The River Dance

'The River' From Visual Counterpoint

The river flows to the sea,
The water carries me,
The music cries to be free,
And makes the final plea.

The sky gives me no boundary on earth,
The ground gives me no feeling of worth,
The music dies through talent’s dearth,
While the water overflows with mirth.

The river runs to the sea,
The water writhes within me,
The music flies, as time must be
Beating wings forever free.

The sky gives me no lasting light,
The ground gives me no deep delight,
The music buys a ticket for the fight,
While the water flows far beyond sight.

The river shines in the sky,
The water shows it can fly,
The music of the stars cannot die,
For Eternity sings the silent reply.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


'Shoreline Boundaries' From Visual Counterpoint

The passing wind carries a plaintive cry,
The shifting sand sends a secret reply,
The water remembers the touch of the sky,
And rears up to reach memories sailing by,
Space falls to earth with a thunderous roar,
Silence holds the echo behind a closed door,
A child stands alone and asks, ‘Is there no more?’
The water retreats having wiped out the score.

'The Earth for a Child to hold' From Visual Counterpoint

Worn down by wild rage; polished with care,
Deep beauty is simply and lovingly laid bare,
A pebble shines with the light of those that dare,
A child holds the strength of the Earth to share,
The song is discovered for all to hear,
The past is uncovered and knowledge lies near,
The present is held between hope and fear,
Time beats rhythms the future makes clear.

'The Rock upon which to stand' From Visual Counterpoint

Moonlight dances over water below,
While stars shine on a land born to show,
The reward for those that through the night sow,
Seed strong enough to live and grow,
Between the blue sea and the golden sand,
Striving to place roots in a deserted land,
A child finds a rock upon which to stand,
Then reaches out with an open hand.

'Shoreline Shadows' From Visual Counterpoint

The passing wind carries a plaintive cry,
The shadows echo the light of a brilliant sky,
The water will never silently lie,
Listen to the music it makes that cannot die,
Like gold it glimmers in the evening air,
Like silver it slips through lesser fare,
Like bronze it bands with those that dare,
A child is born; a child destined to care.

Only One Question Asks for a Silent Reply

'Lost to the Future' From Visual Counterpoint

Genius flies to the stars with thought it creates,
Great minds follow the light that burns so bright,
Memory holds the past and present in sight,
The future only distant time dictates.
Time passes faster for those it leaves far behind,
With thought that dies before it is born,
In a mind that only ever knows scorn,
There is no memory for the future to bind.

'Gentle Reflection' From Visual Counterpoint

Only life feels the strength of the weakest force,
Reflected in the gentle touch of care,
Displayed daringly in the truth laid bare,
Joining all that no space can divorce.
Time marks the downbeat with baton in hand,
Emotion raises the curtain for the scene,
Off invisible walls the sounds careen,
Music passes through the glass as sand.

'Velvet Airs' From Visual Counterpoint

The journey all must make alone,
While the earth turns her face toward the sun,
The moon reigns when the day is done,
And love remembers the starlight shown.
When darkness descends shadows surely die,
Sound sleeps in the depths of despair,
Silence grows slowly to finally declare,
Velvet airs play the victorious reply.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I stand at the door, and knock.

'Where Sky and Earth Touch' From Visual Counterpoint

If you know you stand where the sky touches the earth,
Then you see the stars beneath your feet,
If you know you grow with every passing day,
Then you see the roots beneath your feet,
I know I shall die on a cold dark night,
So I see the black hole beneath my feet.

I stand alone where the sky touches the earth,
I grow wearier with every passing day,
I shall welcome death on a cold dark night,
And the black hole as home for my feet.

If I knew where to stand so the sky touched me,
Then I would see the stars beneath my feet,
If I knew how to grow with every passing day,
Then I would see the roots beneath my feet,
I only know I am dying on a cold dark night,
And there is nothing beneath my feet.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fruitless Failure

A thought grows,
Grows to form,
Form words that speak,

The sound plays,
Plays notes to climb,
Climb the scale,
' Darkness enhances the light' From From Visual Counterpoint . com

The wall stands,
Stands to divide,
Divide and conquer,

A child lost,
Lost for good,
Good for nothing,

Light beheld,
Held for all,
All may see by,

Where Was I ?

' Shining through the darkness' From From Visual Counterpoint . com

Where is the light that once shone through the dark,
Where is the voice that once sang such a song,
That all were blinded and deafened by the lark,
That rises with the dawn and will always belong,
To an air that creates waves that rise and fall,
And holds space for a word that stands out from the throng,
Yet to all below sends a clarion call,
Ring the bell for the mid day ball.

Where is the touch that once opened the door,
Where is the tone that once rode every note,
That lived alone yet asked for more,
Then hid from time wearing a furry coat,
The animal within must live to die,
Begging the water to float its’ boat,
Over a land that can only sigh,
Under an unrelenting sky.

Where is the move that holds time in space,
Where is the step that motion marks down,
That rose to trip me with woven lace,
Then beguile me with a jewelled crown,
Lost in the words that evil would speak,
In such lies, the devil himself must drown,
While truth saves the innocent and the weak,
I leave a place that has nothing I seek.