Thursday, 4 March 2010


'Shoreline Boundaries' From Visual Counterpoint

The passing wind carries a plaintive cry,
The shifting sand sends a secret reply,
The water remembers the touch of the sky,
And rears up to reach memories sailing by,
Space falls to earth with a thunderous roar,
Silence holds the echo behind a closed door,
A child stands alone and asks, ‘Is there no more?’
The water retreats having wiped out the score.

'The Earth for a Child to hold' From Visual Counterpoint

Worn down by wild rage; polished with care,
Deep beauty is simply and lovingly laid bare,
A pebble shines with the light of those that dare,
A child holds the strength of the Earth to share,
The song is discovered for all to hear,
The past is uncovered and knowledge lies near,
The present is held between hope and fear,
Time beats rhythms the future makes clear.

'The Rock upon which to stand' From Visual Counterpoint

Moonlight dances over water below,
While stars shine on a land born to show,
The reward for those that through the night sow,
Seed strong enough to live and grow,
Between the blue sea and the golden sand,
Striving to place roots in a deserted land,
A child finds a rock upon which to stand,
Then reaches out with an open hand.

'Shoreline Shadows' From Visual Counterpoint

The passing wind carries a plaintive cry,
The shadows echo the light of a brilliant sky,
The water will never silently lie,
Listen to the music it makes that cannot die,
Like gold it glimmers in the evening air,
Like silver it slips through lesser fare,
Like bronze it bands with those that dare,
A child is born; a child destined to care.


Rose~* said...

I loved your beach photos, Liz - I hope that summer comes soon. Hec, just breeze right thought Spring, I say, lol.

Andy said...