Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Fire in a Winter Sky

Light has no option but to herald spring, promise summer and foretell autumn while a blue winter sky reigns supreme from horizon to horizon.
'THE BATON HELD HIGH' From Visual Counterpoint

The baton is held high and waits to conduct the music for the clouds that will careen across the ballroom and call to the leaping lambs to join in the dance.

'HANDS UP' From Visual Counterpoint

The crowns that will crowd the summer scene, like skeletons hold bare hands up to a clear winter sky.

'BEND DON'T BREAK' From Visual Counterpoint

The bare branches that might break under this cold stare carry an echo that will be heard again when they bend back to the earth with her bounty.

'BLACKBIRD SONG' From Visual Counterpoint

This open winter sky allows the light from the sun and stars to fall on earth from horizon to horizon.
Both may seem cold yet bring all the fire the future holds for the blackbird's song.


Andy said...

Your words and pictures capture the changeover from winter to spring in such a way that i could be standing next to you when you take the pictures

Rose~* said...

I love your pictures and words, Liz. "Bend, not break" was stunning!