Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Where Was I ?

' Shining through the darkness' From From Visual Counterpoint . com

Where is the light that once shone through the dark,
Where is the voice that once sang such a song,
That all were blinded and deafened by the lark,
That rises with the dawn and will always belong,
To an air that creates waves that rise and fall,
And holds space for a word that stands out from the throng,
Yet to all below sends a clarion call,
Ring the bell for the mid day ball.

Where is the touch that once opened the door,
Where is the tone that once rode every note,
That lived alone yet asked for more,
Then hid from time wearing a furry coat,
The animal within must live to die,
Begging the water to float its’ boat,
Over a land that can only sigh,
Under an unrelenting sky.

Where is the move that holds time in space,
Where is the step that motion marks down,
That rose to trip me with woven lace,
Then beguile me with a jewelled crown,
Lost in the words that evil would speak,
In such lies, the devil himself must drown,
While truth saves the innocent and the weak,
I leave a place that has nothing I seek.


Andy said...

Your words again are so wonderful

Rose~* said...

Simple beautiful, Liz.