Friday, 5 March 2010

The River Dance

'The River' From Visual Counterpoint

The river flows to the sea,
The water carries me,
The music cries to be free,
And makes the final plea.

The sky gives me no boundary on earth,
The ground gives me no feeling of worth,
The music dies through talent’s dearth,
While the water overflows with mirth.

The river runs to the sea,
The water writhes within me,
The music flies, as time must be
Beating wings forever free.

The sky gives me no lasting light,
The ground gives me no deep delight,
The music buys a ticket for the fight,
While the water flows far beyond sight.

The river shines in the sky,
The water shows it can fly,
The music of the stars cannot die,
For Eternity sings the silent reply.


Rose~* said...

Nicely written, Liz - even in black and white, I can still see the water dancing with shimmers of light.

ADB said...

I think the black and white focuses the mind and takes away the distraction that colour would have brought. Fabulous.

Andy said...

Reminds me of sitting by the river bank in the Yorkshire Dales a few years back. Even after 15 years your lovely words brought back the sound of the water on its incessant journey towards the sea and the reflections on its surface.