Thursday, 18 March 2010


'DROWNING' From Visual Counterpoint

The sea holds the beginning and the end of the journey,
The sky plays with answers within future’s sight,
The earth gives strength to life so all might seek,
The depth in darkness and the height of light,
This song will live as long as the river,
That carries the music flows to the sea,
While seeking the words to describe the journey,
Between the land and a sky defending the free.

The rain will fall and the water will flow,
No eyes will see the heart of the storm,
That beats a path through memory’s store,
And claims the only lasting form
For love: forget the unforgiving past,
Dismiss the present that calls too loud,
Look beyond the horizon for silence to show,
One that stands out from the crowd.

Then your eyes will be open to the sound,
That seems to wrap around every spark
Of light: while running away with time,
And marries that elusive definitive mark.
Beat the base drum so all may hear,
The rhythm that lives to carry the dream,
Far beyond anything we understand,
While music plays with the air in the stream.

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Connie said...

Wonderful-Wonderful !!

'While music plays with the air in the stream.'

such a multifaceted