Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Found Rising

'FOUND RISING' From Visual Counterpoint

The night wraps starlight around my toes,
The darkness touches my face with grace,
The silence holds music my memory knows,
Time marches on to eternities’ pace.
Where is the moment that stops the heartbeat?
Is it lost within the heat of the race?
Or when all around dance to defeat,
Found rising under the rain of falling feet?

The air is thick with memories that fly,
Fast and furious, slow and serene,
Both unperturbed by the sound of a cry
That would awaken them to a future scene,
The lack of light is lost in the dark,
None are interested in where they have been,
All would seek a notable mark,
Found rising in the song of the lark,

The dawn holds the secrets of the night,
The sunlight touches my face with hope,
Music holds silence born from insight,
Time treads down a slippery slope,
Dance with the moment that calls your heart,
But remember to throw your life a rope
If all sense you mean to depart,
Found rising sensibility is a start.

1 comment:

Andy said...

Your words and picture never cease to amaze me. They leap of the page in to my mind and leave a lasting impression. Thank you